Pups..Pups... and pups!

Can they just stay puppies forever? awww they're so cute!!

literally sick

Ok, im under medication due to this acid thing, that concerns my heart. Im taking this Prevacid every night before I go to sleep. And 3days ago, with being lucky, I got food poisoned, just imagine i get stomach contractions that made me throw up everything I ate, not only that, I frequent bathrooms for call of nature!lol So I went to see a doctor again, and gave me meds again.. Im tired of taking meds!!

one more, I dont like spaghetti anymore

what's New Year on me..

what's new on me?

1. I just had a new hair cut, like the lastest hair trend now, you gotta wear "bangs"..and so I did, I had my hair layered. My hairdresser felt proud of his/herself (bading)with the outcome, she calls it "Lucy-Torres" hairlike..lol

2. Im now weighing a whooping 125 lbs... oh my, it was just 120 of December 2006!! hmm, blame the holidays, tempting chicha is everywhere!

3. Im on my midterm now, yeah, I passed all the subjects on my prelim, I just wonder, i didnt got my grade in Anatomy & Physiology, the subject which I find interesting, but a little hard, that's one thing that adds up to my worries.

4. My honey filed for a petition for me get to US, and the happy news as of now is the check for the fee is already cashed, meaning they already acknowledged the paper they're already working on it.

5. My heart..again! I went to see a cardiologist last week and have my heart checked if there's something wrong on it, because one time I had the worst chest pain in my life, to add to those moments i get heartburns. Im scheduled for a 2D Echo ultrasound this week, but my school schedule doesnt permit me to.. For now, im under medication. Initial findings, it's the acid from my stomach causes my chest pain. Thank God, it's just that, though it's still bad. I just can't afford to live with a weak heart..
Pray for me ok..

6. I just watched Pyro last week, it was awesome!! congrats to UK to bagged the first prize

7. Im turning 27 this 18th!! wooohoooo!!

8.... to follow


1. On top of my lists. LOSE WEIGHT!! sheeze, I miss maintaining that 97lbs for years, and now I weigh 30lbs bigger..sure, maybe it comes with age, but weighing 125 of me bein 26 and stands 5feet, that's a lot, im like the cutest obese living woman on earth!! hehehe

2. Finish this school semester with flying colors! honga, sounds like highschoolish huh? well, I just want A+ grades, that's all.

3. Get a driver's license!! mind you, i've been driving for 3 years now w/o it.. mine expired last 2004. But im happy been driving all this years, and never got a ticket hehehehe.. advice: use your charms.. lol

4. Cooking lessons, Guitar lessons, a refresher course for programming and pc troubleshooting, Massage-therapy short course, do we have it here??and IELTS.. I want all those

5. Make book-reading a habit..

6... and more to come..

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