A Blue Star award from ebay

Just want to show off my blue star award I got recently. I've been selling on ebay for quite a while now, and have been doing it SERIOUSLY for a month. A seller's stars changes its color once they reached a number of feedbacks. For me, I just reached 100 the other day, and from blue I got a turquoise now!!! wooo hooo!

I shop on ebay for items I find cheap, especially my favorite clothing brand, Zara. I love Ralph Lauren and Harley Davidson too. I'm more of a seller than a buyer. I make some money here too, not a lot but it could be more if not for fees that goes to ebay after a sale, oh well.

Long Distance Marriage, are you in too?

Another Tuesday have passed. Another day without hubby with me. He went back to Iraq after a two week R&R, and it's been a month since he flew. Every single day, I miss him terribly. My heart's breaking into pieces everytime I remember him gone, I miss making breakfast for him, and getting his lunch ready for work, I miss washing his dirty clothes, I miss seeing him working on the cars, I miss him playing with our dog. I miss every single thing about him. Wish he could come home sooner for good.

It's just hard. Sad. But we have to deal with it, for sometime...

This kind of situation is never new to us. We have withstand years of long distance relationship back when we were dating, back then it was already hard. But this one is tougher. Don't you wish you're always with the one you love? On January, will be our first year anniversary as husband and wife, I'm glad we would be able to celebrate it together... but that means we'll miss our 2nd Christmas and New Year together.

It's ok, I love him with all my heart. Just missing him.


Just got my New Passport!

After a day of shopping on my favorite stores, there's this small UPS package by my doorstep.. I had no idea what it was, thought it's something I ordered online, but there's none, so I was like 'what would it be?' I didn't even read what the sender's details is.. I just ripped it off, and there you go, my old and new passport!! I was so happy! here's how it looks like. (sorry for blurred pic).

It didn't took 6 weeks like it say it would, I actually got it just 3 weeks after I applied! wow, speedy service!

Ready for Haloween?

Halloween is just around a corner! Halloween-decorated houses and even offices are sure a sign of upcoming holiday, I never experience doing trick or treat when I was kid, because we don’t attend such things then. But I realized how fun it is when I have seen little kids on their not-scary but adorable and cutest Childrens Costumes with their candy bags on their hands, and they’d knock on your door for treats, ain’t that precious thing to see? As for adults, they often hold parties, and attendees would show off their Adult Halloween Costumes they have bought so ahead of time, yeah excited. I have seen a lot of those went I went to the mall yesterday, and mothers and kids were busy looking for their perfect outfits, and accessories. I went up online, because I was thinking, what about Halloween costumes for couples? And so I found Sexy Costumes online! Mmm hubby would love this, I could be a fairy, a princess, a waitress, a maid or I could be a batman’s batgirl. Everything is online, getting it online makes it more convenient especially if you have a lot to choose from. It’s just so fun to think of what should I shop, now I feel like a kid, what would I get, a trick or treat?

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