i have a problem here

where on earth ill find this Masticatory and Stomatognathic system?? that's for my Oral Physiology bukas..

oh well


I catch him online! damn he's so busy since he got back to work.. my poor baby's sick, we was able to call me last night (and im so happy about it!), and hearing him talking with hoarse tone, it's like his nose's clogged..LOL and his tooth is aching! geeeze, he wont enjoy thier thanksgiving dinner later when he cant even eat..

Oh, I don't have a school today. Honey sent me money for me to be able to buy tons of books and a new pair of shoes,did I tell you the shoes i was wearin for a week already is too tight, that it even bruised my ankle (the back of my right foot)!.. Im so happy, see you later, gotta go shopping!

I love you honey..

College 101

I already started school, just last week.. it's cool, everything's new to me, though sometimes I find it boring though, well I guess I need a little time for adjustments.. especially if your classmates are of ages 17-19's, who loves showing off latest cellphones and make-ups and bags, sheeez *roll eyes* who loves talking about crushes and boys (oh come on!).. the new subjects are interesting, see im into science now, after being businessminded for years! lol

i gotta go, and do my homework! hehe

who could be more sadder than me?

his 3weeks here is over..
he just left Philippines again for Iraq yesterday...
it just hurts me seeing him leave everytime
my heart hurts, well literally.. I woke up this morning, feeling heavy chest pain.
I miss him so much, wish he could stayed longer..
sad sad sad..

Bora stay

First stop. Nami we're booked 4D/3N on an Ocean View suites. When we get off their transfer boat, the butler gave me a fancy P10 white beads necklace and gave Dave a native cowboy hat. Yeah, we have our own butler they say. The room's balcony has a 180 degree breathtaking view. And i noticed the rooms arent well maintained.. BUt if you're goin to ask me,paying $200 a night isnt worth it, buffet breakfast are just so so (not well presented), you would ask you're butler for some things then he'd forget, he's busy attending to some guests requests and waiter chores too, so I wont call him OUR butler..hmm.. I would still choose Friday's over Nami's. Staying there is just ok. Happy still coz im with my hubby.

Second stop. Asya. booked for 4D/3N again. I love their courtyard suites, it's cozy and relaxing atmosphere is all worth it. plus, we get a one time consumption of mini-bar, a beach bag, two slippers and a souvenir photo..

3 things survey...

3 cities you've lived in
1 - sanpedro
2 - caloocan
3 - xxx

3 malls you usually go to
1 - ATC
2 - Greenbelt3
3 - Festival Mall

3 of your favorite fastfood
1 - KFC
2 - McDonalds
3 - Tokyo Tokyo

3 schools you''ve attended i.
1 - CDSP
3 - Perps

3 favorite foods
1 - Tudings
2 - Calamares
3 - Shrimps @ Bubba Gump

3 favorite drinks
1 - Mango Shake
2 - Mineral Water hehehe
3 - SanMig Lite

3 things you've done today
1 - sleep
2 - breakfast
3 - check email

3 things found in your wallet
1 - Dave's picture
2 - business cards
3 - coins, no bills!!

3 last persons you saw
1 - Dave
2 - Nate
3 - Asya Boracay's receptionist

3 persons you always text
1 - my hubby
2 - Joy V.
3 - my mom

3 things you usually buy
1 - baby tee
2 - pagkain
3 - isaw

3 brands of your footwear
1 - havaianas
2 - tribu
3 - converse

3 brands of your clothes
1 - kamiseta
2 - UK brands
3 - herbench

3 things found in your bag
1 - pen
2 - notepad
3 - make up

3 perfumes/colognes
1 - Paris Hilton
2 - Romance by RL
3 - not branded

3 favorite colors
1 - pink
2 - white
3 - aqua blue

3 favorite parts of your house
1 - bed
2 - kitchen
3 - bathroom

3 things you're planning to buy
1 - a new pair of eyeglasses
2 - Romance perfume
3 - beach dress for this saturday's party

3 things running in your mind right now
1 - I want to go at the butterfly farm
2 - buy shirts and shell necklaces
3 - take pictures of Dave wearing his scuba dive suit, it's sexy

feeling the Boracay sand again..

Hubby and I are staying at Nami's right now , the suite we're at now are just ok so-so, maybe im expecting too much, well you would if you visit their site and check their room pics, you would really love to stay there.. for me, paying $200 a night is too much! I know it's like for the good view their balcony has but still it's not worth it, talking about cleanliness.. and mind you, Nami is one the expensive resorts here in Bora, but I cant have my wi-fi work and that really sucks!
We should've have stayed at Friday's again, but they we're like always fully booked so we never had a chance..we're checkin out tomorrow, and transfer at Asya Boracay, sure this one is great,news said it's newly built one along tourist center, seem like a good deal.. it's just across the Pinjalo resort where my hubby's friend, Nathan is staying at. They work together back in Iraq, and it's Nate's first time in Philippines, I hope he's enjoying his stay, I bet he is. They both enrolled themselves in an Open Water course in Calypso, wish I could join them but never mind, I dont even know how to swim!!! yeah, my age?i still dont know how..poor me! lol well, im scared of the water, i always get drowned once I started trying to swim on my own..

im here at Alice in wonderland's internet cafe, they charges 50pesos an hour here, cheaper than the Tourist center's Fuji's cafe's P70/hr!

im goin to Jonah's shakes tomorrow, this is my third time here in Bora and this is the only time ill get to visit that spot.. oh there's this Nescafe-something party a few lots from here, Hale & Sugarfree are goin to perform until the 6th, wish to see it..

gotta go, it's friggin hot in here, i rather stay in my room and play Sims at this time of the day!!


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