My online Boss(es)

I never thought having an online job could be as fun as well. It's always a continuous learning experience for me. I have a data entry/researcher job at Odesk and as a Virtual Assistant in GAF.

My buyer #1 -- He's an entrepreneur and holds a business website that tackles legitimate business opportunities that you can find online. He hired me straight away from an IM interview(chat). He said I could work on 40hours a week and gave me a 80hours limit! WOW. He's nice, and I can see myself working with him for a long time, as long as he needs my service.

My buyer #2 -- He's a writer/journalist. He's a contributor writer to major newspapers. He's from Berlin. Out of 89 people who applied as VA for him, I guess I'm the lucky one to get picked. Or maybe I did good with his sample research he gave out to each candidates. I work 20hours a week for him, sometimes more, and I get paid weekly too. And I can tell that this is a long-term job.

wahh, proud of my jobs! Not only it is a true learning experience for me, it also helps me in terms of time management and discipline. And it's great, earning $5 an hour is not bad.

Ramiele's gone, it should be Brook..

SAD. Not a lot of people remembered her name, on voting.

She got booted out. And Randy agreed so. I missed watching her performance the other day, but hubby had set the DVR the first week Amercan Idol started, so it's all recorded. I was expecting at least Brook or Jason, but unfortunately it's my girl. This is the only week that hubby missed watching the show since he worked overtime with one of his guy, and with him, he always get through the phone lines for voting. So I was thinking,maybe Ramiele got axed out because she didn't get any votes from hubby. lol

Maybe people didn't remembered her name, like her song goes,"Do you remember my name" by Dolly Parton, so she got less votes. Or maybe, people got tired of supporting her because she never get that "the right song yet" like the very critic Simon would always say. Oh well, the doors of having an album in Philippines is now open for her!

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