im sick; and tired...

Having a fever this morning isnt a good thing to start a day. I still have bunch of things to do actually, but i feel so tired to do so.. Been sad about a lot of things lately, family matters *sigh*, I wish I have all the money to move out. I dreamed of having a flat of my own, or happy for just a room. I dont like staying in a crowded place anymore, I love everyone at home but you know sometimes you want to have your own space, your own time, and peace, which my home doesnt offer(anymore). I have talked to my mom about this, she just said one thing, to wait for a little while and it'll be ok...
Is your place like mine? Dad do his little shop at the garage, some of my sibs just watch tv, mom?busy at the kitchen, and there's my little sister who almost ruin everything she lay her hands on! while the bathroom is like occupied every hour! I admit I spend a lot of time in my room, with all those noise I hear everyday, I guess it's just a dream for me to find tranquility, well, on my sleep yeah! LOL..
My two sisters feel the same way, they want to move out too..but heck, considering the money they get from their work wont make it even possible..*sigh*

dream on

on the happy side;

my honey's coming over (again) on 25th, im so excited about it! a few sleep more, then it's happy times again.. I cant wait..

Hillsong United in Manila!!

You've been singing their songs. You may not know it, but you have, you are. And singing them always gives you that energetic feeling, where you just want to jump up and down and dance and even kneel down and just praise God for being who He is in your life.

You've probably waited on their CDs, waiting for them to be released here. You've watched their videos, moved at the sight of thousands of people raising their hands up in the air in surrender to God. You've marveled at their band, at how flawless they sound, at how they could play their instruments like that.

You've probably been through a lot praisefests and worships before, but you've probably always wondered how it felt to be there with the band who wrote and first sang the songs you are singing. You've probably wished and dreamed of going to where they are from, and fully experience what it feels like to sing and pray in a worship that they led.

And you've most probably wish they'd visit the country, and you're definitely sure that you'll be there if ever they do.

Well, stop wishing and dreaming because this is your chance to worship with them!

November 21, 2006 (Tuesday)
8:00 pm
Rizal Stadium (behind DLSU)
Tickets: P800, P700, P550, P400

Reserve tickets through: 6330596/09209453779

(Note that this FAQ are questions we asked the organizers in behalf of all the other people who might ask the same questions so as you won't have to ask them anymore. Since this isn't done by organizers, some information may not be complete. You may want to ask again, but that depends on you. :p)

Is this for real? This is not a joke, as in?

Yes, it is for real. No joke. Try calling the number and ask if you're still doubtful. :)

Where is Rizal Stadium, exactly?

Rizal Stadium is located behind De La Salle University - Manila in Taft Avenue. You ride the LRT1 to Vito Cruz, go down and walk AWAY from La Salle, turn right at Torre Lorenzo, walk until you get to the entrance of Rizal Stadium. We're still not sure WHERE in Rizal Stadium it's going to be held, basta it's there. :P

How many people from the Hillsong United team are coming? Who are they?

According to the organizers, 14 people are coming from the United team. We're not sure who they are though. I guess we'll see on November 21. :)

November 21 is a Tuesday? Why can't it be scheduled on a Friday or Saturday night?

That we do not know. :( We think it's because the Philippines is a part of their Asian tour, and we're guessing that right after their event here, they'll be off to another place in Asia.

Are there any reserved seats? Or is it first come first served?

As far as we know, the P800 tickets are reserved seating.

I watched Steven Curtis Chapman last May and I remember there's some sort of Hillsong United promo there. Is that true?

Yes, it's true! If you watched the Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Manila last May and you still have your ticket, you can avail of the promo for Hillsong United in Manila tickets.

Cool! So how do I avail of the promo?

Call the number above and set an appointment to redeem your ticket. 1 SCC ticket = 1 P800 Hillsong United Ticket. If you bought a P1000 SCC ticket, you get your ticket for free! However, if you bought a P750 or P500 SCC ticket, you'd have to pay the additional balance for a P800 Hillsong United ticket.

That is just SO cool. Can I get the ticket now?

Redeeming of SCC tickets start on October 15 up to October 30. :)

But what if I bought a P1000 SCC ticket and I want to buy 2 P400 Hillsong United that possible?

Nope. 1 SCC ticket = 1 P800 Hillsong United ticket.

Any group discount? Early buyer discount? Whatever discount?

Nope, no discount. The tickets are actually quite cheap, if you look at it. :P (FLASHBACK: Patron tickets for Reuben Morgan last June 2005 at the Araneta Coliseum is P1500...this time it's only P800!)

Where do I reserve tickets?

In case you missed that BIG number up may call 6330596 or 09209453779 to reserve your tickets. :D

Where do I claim the tickets?

You can get your tickets at 2905 Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw corner Meralco Avenue. It's near EDSA Shangrila Hotel.


So far that's it! If there are any more questions, you may call them and if you would, share the answer with the people who you know will be watching. Somekindalike a community effort, you know? :P

THIS IS THE WORSHIP EVENT OF THE YEAR! You HAVE to be there! There's more than a month for us to save money for tickets and such, so tell all your friends! :) Let's all show how Filipinos can rock a stadium through praise and worship! :D And who knows, maybe your attendance would make them want to come back. ;)

God bless!

True Love

"A part of you has grown in me.
And so you see, it's you and me
Together forever and never apart,
Maybe in distance, but never in heart."

I love J.Lo!

from Selena to Maid in Manhattan....

you know sometimes I think she looks like me! hehehe

Mcdonald's Tie part

My sisters and I went to McDonald's one time, and i ordered myself a chicken meal, and I requested the crew to give me the "thigh part" one....

request granted,I got the "tie part"..


if you havent seen the news on CNN, how badly our place was struck by a super typhoon "Milenyo" (Millineum in english). Just on our village alone, you can see fallen trees, toppled electrical posts, garbage everywhere and muddy road.. I swear this is the most strong storm ive experienced, for it took off the half of our garage's roof!! yeah, it all flew away. That freaked me out really.

After that, we lost power (well, the whole Philippines!), and suffered for two days! we lost water supply too.. oh that sucks! mom and I would was clothes, wash dishes in a primitive way hehehe, fun though, but before you do it, you gotta fill up a big drum with water by fetching at our neighbor's. good thing their deep well still works.. Thank God we didnt suffered that much, I heard the next village was flooded waist-high and have lost important appliances, and double the damage to northern part of Luzon .

Right now, we still dont have the water back, and we gotta fall in a long line to this only one water station next block just to get two gallons of water to drink, that that's good for a day consumption..

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