im sick; and tired...

Having a fever this morning isnt a good thing to start a day. I still have bunch of things to do actually, but i feel so tired to do so.. Been sad about a lot of things lately, family matters *sigh*, I wish I have all the money to move out. I dreamed of having a flat of my own, or happy for just a room. I dont like staying in a crowded place anymore, I love everyone at home but you know sometimes you want to have your own space, your own time, and peace, which my home doesnt offer(anymore). I have talked to my mom about this, she just said one thing, to wait for a little while and it'll be ok...
Is your place like mine? Dad do his little shop at the garage, some of my sibs just watch tv, mom?busy at the kitchen, and there's my little sister who almost ruin everything she lay her hands on! while the bathroom is like occupied every hour! I admit I spend a lot of time in my room, with all those noise I hear everyday, I guess it's just a dream for me to find tranquility, well, on my sleep yeah! LOL..
My two sisters feel the same way, they want to move out too..but heck, considering the money they get from their work wont make it even possible..*sigh*

dream on

on the happy side;

my honey's coming over (again) on 25th, im so excited about it! a few sleep more, then it's happy times again.. I cant wait..


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