Power of Your Love

Lord I come to You
Let my heart be changed, renewed
Flowing from the grace
That I found in You.
And Lord I've come to know
The weaknesses I see in me
Will be stripped away
By the power of Your love.

Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me near to Your side.
And as I wait
I'll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
In the power of Your love.

Lord unveil my eyes
Let me see You face to face
The knowledge of Your love
As You live in me.
Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
In living every day
by the power of Your love.

im listening to that song as of now. I just lovvvveee Hillsong (Australia) so much. Their songs really touches your right. I remember my SFC (Singles for Christ)days. That's one thing im really missing right now. My friends back then and that amazing worship sessions in every gathering or conferences I have attended, also that every single household meetings I religiously attend. Those were the days, but I know in my heart, SFC will always be in my heart. SFC have played a very important role in my life,as to renewing my faith with God and my relationship to Him. I accepted him as my Savior, made him my all-time bestfriend. He used SFC to heal all the wounds past had brought me. He thought me of forgiveness, and appreciation to little things I used to ignore. With SFC, I learnt to move on and trust people again. Simply it made me a whole new person again, this page isnt enough to name it all, it is just a lot! And my relationship with God put me where I am right now. And Im very thankful that God lead me to the right path,im a spoiled kid to Him you know, i am well-loved.

Hillsong, this is the reason why I love music--like I want to play a guitar or drums Seeing Hillsong in a concert is a dream.. wish wish wish I could sing with their songs in the future!

Politics: my dream team at Senate

...Our country needs an honest serviceman who loves Filipinos by heart...

I just watched the news, and one of my best bet for the Senate was proclaimed this afternoon, Mr. Antonio Trillanes IV, though partially because the canvassing isnt over yet for the 12th spot, and that is where Pimentel and Zubiri are battling over for. The Philippines needs 12 senators this year, and out of 12, my 10 bets got in. I felt like I became a part of an historical event of my country when I cast my vote last May 14. Filipinos cry for a major change in the government and they thought that this last election is their fair chance to voice it out. I agree. People became more mature now with choosing a candidate,they dont get easily swayed with frequent campaign tv ads or promises heard from candidates running, not even vote-buying, which is rampant on some provinces. I should know, some of my relatives are from politics too, coming from them--"money really talks"!.. That's one reality, but it doesnt apply to all. I knew one senate candidate who lost millions to fund his his tv ads but lost a spot on the magic 12, not even close!, i guess you know who am i referring to. People have to know you, and your intentions "by heart"-- that's what they should have given more importance during campaigning. Anyway, my dream team's is in, so rock on Senate, here they come!

Here's my dream team at senate:

were they're on your lists too?

I believe with this 5 outstanding men. They're men of word and truth, and they fight for what they think they believe is right. We know they've been caught up on some issues,but they still stand on their principles..I admire Sen.Panfilo Lacson for his fearless exposes and stands on country's issues. His primary agenda is peace and order,more on law enforcement, see the bills he authored. Oh fyi, I voted him as president on the last 2004 elections, but I guess it's yet his time for that seat. Should he run again in the future,he'll get the first vote from me!

By next week(probably) will be the official proclamation of the 12 senators. May God use this people we voted for this positions,to help our country improve furthermore the system of governance, by passing the right laws that would benefit all Filipinos. Not only them, but all candidate officials who also won this year's election.



I'm bored today, yeah like always. So I wound up washing clothes, and thought of giving my baby bears a bath hihihi ^_^ their daddy's coming home soon! My dearest hubby's coming home for my visa interview, for those who dont know he filed a petition for me to go to US with him. That's the only way we could be together and not apart anymore, and soon he'll quit his job in Iraq (oh finally!) I don't like him there, though his current job is great. He holds a nice position, and not to mention, the big pay! He has the potential of getting a supervisory position in time actually but I dont think he can stay there longer(plus, i wont let him). Like he said, it's like hell being there. So, just happy here that soon we will be together soon.. target time:by November 2007. But first I have to get the visa, and the only way to do that--is pass the interview!!! (that's next month!)

So please pray for me people!! missing him so much is killing me arggggghhh

I miss blogger..

FI thought I wont be back on blogger again, been busy with a lot of things, and Im taking care of my new baby--a new website, for me & Dave on multiply. Since I got my internet back up last month(oh,Thank God!) and my laptop fixed, been real busy with researches on visa and stuff and talking to my honey given the time.. And just yesterday, I remembered why not update my blogger, so I changed the theme, and the sidebox, well im not totally done yet since the page still looks messed up! lol..

Anyway, a lot of things happened since the last time I posted;

1. My bestfriend Anthony? which I paired up with a close girl friend Cris, well they're together now. Got married and Cris got pregnant, but unfortunately she can't have a baby yet, she lost the baby(it's a boy). It was sad though, we already had plans for the baby. But it's ok. Im still happy for this two, I know they will last long.

2. Honey came over for a 3 weeks vacation again last March and we had a blast! We had fun!And that trip was the most expensive R&R he had, why?coz he spent a lot, cross the budget and all. We went to Palawan, Arena Island, and the best part is we rode on a ferry on our way back, both our first time, so we had fun, though it upsets my tummy and been dizzy with the whole trip.. It was fun!

3. Honey got promoted to foreman!! yehey!! I was so proud of him, that's my baby haha..on that note, Im giving him something, this is like an overdue congrats gift for that. I just hope he doesnt get to read this, for it will spoil the surprise.. I'll post pics once he opened the box..hope he would like it.

4. The best thing ever happened? is when we celebrate March 27, it's our 2nd year anniversary. wow, I love you bubba!! Guess how we celebrate it? we sleep all day!! yeah,seriously! the night before that, we checked in at Heritage so we wont miss the flight of 8:30am, it says we should be there 2 hours early. We spent that night at Mall of Asia. And on our way home, i only remembered that I forgot our plane & ferry tickets back home. I bet he can't forget that. too much excitement here, sorry.. :)

that's it for now.. more bukas!

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