8 hours to go!

my heart's pounding..

counting hours and minutes..

trying to picture out that moment...

YES im still up, i dont know if im goin to sleep or what. keep on thinking that
I'll be seeing him later! ye haaaaa!!! 8 hours more and ill be at the
airport, to pick him up

im nervous! sheeeez (first time?)
nah,. this is the fifth man!

Welcome China Airlines!! bring him safe


I thought my insomnia's back again last night, it never let me sleep until past 3. I worried about Dave's flight, though I should not. His back still hurts and sitting in a plane for like a day would be no good to him..well, I hope so..I feel like we've been two years apart, I miss him so bad, really bad. Hope to have a worry-free friday, but hell i cant help it, im not done with my room yet, no curtains yet, have to wash some clothes again, i have to get my hair trim later and have my toe nails painted again!!, and oh my, I fogot to buy popcorn!! i'll keep that in my lists-of-to-do's..LOL we love popcorn with lotsa butter..we both love movies and we watch often before we go to sleep...

I gotta go, i have to feed Mickey, she's screaming for food again, I just cant let her in the kitchen, it'll be a big mess

-pretty excited-


Im one of those fans of Dawson's Creek, i just love how pretty and sweet Joey Potter is and that smile, I love Katie's image on and off cam since then, but I stopped admiring her when she got linked to Tom Cruise and become engaged after only two months of dating(fast huh?). She called off a two year engagement to Chris Klein, just because of Tom! oh well, who dont want to have him as a fiance anyway? LOL...now, their faces are at Life&Style magazine's cover, and the news claiming about their break-up and the wedding's off! and that the couple will keep up appearances until the baby's born....
For me, I never believed their so-called "relationship" since the time they shocked the press about them being a couple, they could have just made this one up for their movies' sake(?)..but when I heard of Kat's pregnancy, I told myself, it must be true then.. hmmmm, I really cant convince myself, maybe I will when if ill see Katie on a wedding dress...

trivia: both of them are from/lived in North Carolina!

Red Roses

good morning everyone, just woke up, did i told you that my hubby's coming 5days from now?!! im goin to see him again after two months and two weeks of being away, i miss him so much..

just got flowers from him today!!i just love those 18 red long-stem roses...those are my favorites it just made my day..my baby's so sweet! i really could not ask for more, he's everything to me..

well, i gotta go, i have to fix my room and make it more spacious for him, since he'll be bringing a lot of stuff when he gets here.. i hope my nose will cooperate, i always end up sneezing after a minute of cleaning!.. im allergic to dust, that's why..

one more, did you missed the Lovapalooza in Baywalk??? you shouldnt!!! wish me and hubby were there! well, we'll have time for that! hehehehehe

Happy valentines everyone!!

mood swinger

...i even thought that he doesnt miss me at all and even asked him if he still love me.....

I was not in the mood for the last few days, obviously you can't see any entry..I dont know what kept me in a bad state lately but I just realized that I have been missing my Dave to the extreme. I feel like I can't reached him anymore (funny it's just a week), our usual talk time became unpredictable, if we do get a chance to,it's always a short convo 'coz it's either he's just very tired and needed to sleep and have to wake up early..and funny coz by the time he's up, Im the one who needs to sleep... should I blame the time differences we have? he's 15hours behind :-) im here in 7,107-islands-country and he's at a-week vacation in NM..am I just over reacting here? could I be jealous? demanding? tight? protective? you know what worse is, I even thought that he doesnt me miss me at all and even asked him if he still love me? pathetic. Asked me why? one of my cousin's been teasing me about his fidelity--"like how would I know that he's not doing anything fishy out there, that he could be somewhere dating a girl?".. I know it's just a joke, but it left me thinking...which I shouldnt have... sheeez, I felt guilty..We just talked a while and we were able to talk for a time and have managed to clear things out, and now I got my confidence back...oh I wish, he'll be home soon, I miss him sooo much...

I remember the picture he just sent me, that makes my heart melt everytime *mush*

he wrote my name on a snow!

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