I thought my insomnia's back again last night, it never let me sleep until past 3. I worried about Dave's flight, though I should not. His back still hurts and sitting in a plane for like a day would be no good to him..well, I hope so..I feel like we've been two years apart, I miss him so bad, really bad. Hope to have a worry-free friday, but hell i cant help it, im not done with my room yet, no curtains yet, have to wash some clothes again, i have to get my hair trim later and have my toe nails painted again!!, and oh my, I fogot to buy popcorn!! i'll keep that in my lists-of-to-do's..LOL we love popcorn with lotsa butter..we both love movies and we watch often before we go to sleep...

I gotta go, i have to feed Mickey, she's screaming for food again, I just cant let her in the kitchen, it'll be a big mess

-pretty excited-


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