Xmods, the latest craze

My husband has always been a car aficionado, and it's always been his interest. Buying cars is a big thing I know that. But he has this latest addiction, he calls it a hobby, but I call it an expense.lol. He's into XMODS, like crazy. It started from buying one, only because his workmates have this. So we bought one on ebay, my thought was we wasted $50 for that. Okay he's happy with it, so it's ok with me. Then that RC didn't even lasted for 2days, it's broken. So, we bought a new one(the Black Transformer Barricade), at Radioshack. It still runs he said, but I don't see it here at home (maybe it's broken too hehe). And then the next week, he bought a set, like one of everything, it's used though, but it costs him $114, because of people bidding on it too. Here's the mess..

I admit, I play with it too. And it's a little interesting because you can customize or pimp it the way you want to, like you can buy chassis, tires, wheels and batteries etc.

XMODS delivers the ultimate in customizable RC. You can upgrade motors, tires and suspension, and get completely tricked out with hot body kits and graphics from the A-List names in aftermarket parts, including Versus, Sparco, Eibach and Bomex just to to name a few.

Oh well, boys love cars and women loves shopping!

busy as a bee

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted something!

I'm neglecting my blog, just been gone busy juggling 2 online jobs, 1 online store, dropping off stuff for sale at consignment stores, being a wife and a homemaker. Now this, would really take all your time. To add to that I do mylotting too, which you could earn more cents and dollars than waiting for your google adsense to reach up payouts.

Anyway, I'm happy with all this busy stuff I've been doing, I promise to update my Innocence once in a while. It's just been hectic this past two weeks..

Not your ordinary Jeep

My husband and I were driving on Hi-way 17, on our way to his doctor's appointment for a breathing test,that's for his doc to find out what has been going on with his system, aside from having high blood pressure at the age of 28. Speaking of doctor's appointment, I'll have mine a month from now, from calling for an appointment a month ago!! yeah two months for a new patient, that's how long it takes! Oh well, welcome to America! lol but you know, they have the best doctor here and a variety of specialists..

Ok, going back to HiWay 17, hubby and I just suddenly thought about our baby, our jeep back in 'Pinas. We miss driving it. It isn't just an ordinary jeep FYI, as you can see. it's a full stainless steel ,all polished up with great interiors with a 5-speed Saturn engine! yeah, on a jeep!
I tried to inquire how much will it take to ship the jeep here, the cheapest cargo business office I've went to, quoted me an almost whopping $3,900++ for a 20' container!! And where on earth will we get the money for that??

It's not only the jeep that I miss back in 'Pinas.. It's really hard fighting back homesickness, if someone of you could relate to me, I know what Im talking about. I miss my dad, my little sister, everyone back home, my dog Roxy--even I never pet her ever, because she's wild, I miss her! i miss the foods, foods that I can't eat or buy here--the streetfoods, that to-go meals at canteens, riding tricycles and jeepneys, the pandesal(filipino breakfast bread), going to church every Sunday, the showbiz gossip, Tudings, Jollibee.. and the list goes on, oh I forgot, I miss my friends.lol

Who's your American Idol bet?

Who else?
Ramiele Malubay!!

My husband has never been interested with watching any singing competition on tv, but guess what, he voted for Ramiele 10x last night!! haha I only just got through the AI line 2 times, so there, we contributed 12 votes for her, hope she gets enough votes for her to make it at top 12 tonight. I am so going to watch it! I am so proud of her,all Filipinos are, and all asians(I guess), she's the only asian who's in the game right now, and a pure Pinay! woohoo! Im not being biased or something, only because she's of the same blood, well you've seen her performances, and heard judges's positive remarks everytime (except for that comment of this-is-not-your-song thing). She has the voice, the talent, and stage performance, she got it!

Ok let's talk about other contestants, my other favorite would be David Archuleta and Danny Noriega and Carly, Syesha and Ramiele. David A. will surely make it, he has the ultimate voice, he got Simon to comment to him being the best vocals in this competition, I so agree. As for Danny, he's hot!! there's this speculations of him being gay over the web. But he's not, my husband said he is so gay. I don't know gay or straight, I love Danny!! If you'd check his profile on AI, lotsa girls wants to marry him, loves him, adores him.. oh well he have this unexplainable appeal. Is he in any way a half Filipino?? hmm..

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