Happy Birthday *Chip*

Happy birthday honey!!!I love you so much, wish you were here..

how about Photography?

hmmm, I took some shots which I think counts as good pictures. I love taking pictures and taking Photography is always in my plan, but haven't materialized yet...


oh, my bes Anthony, just got here in Phils all the way from Spain,hmm yummy chocolates later! well im happy for him and my other friend Precious whom I just paired yesterday, they've been talking and texting nonstop of gettin-to-know stage blah blah.. We three will have a dinner mamaya, all Thony's treat!! yeeeheee
hmm, he's no longer a cheap-o i just noticed..

ill post pics later, ciao!

Pic:that's him, well he doesnt like pictures..

sad ako ngayon

nakaramdam na naman ng pagseselos... nakita ko litrato ng ex nya, well kasalanan ko, hinanap ko sa myspace eh..eto pa, napanaginipan ko pa ang girl kanina, hmp! bad dream.. baka pagod lang siguro ako, makatulog na nga!



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