Splash Splash Splash


Season where you should buy coppertones and SPFs unless you wish to be more tan. In my case, I dont need it anymore, Im tan since birth! hehehe i love it though. brown or tan, is beautiful as they say to-die-for skin, just count those people who goes to tanning parlor to have our skin, that doesn't look natural at all.. as for this hot season, as Dave calls my room as oven! lol.. The gang(family) went on Splash Mountain an hour-drive going south from my cave. This would be just my 2nd time since ages ago. The first time I went there was when it's newly opened, less crowd.. We enjoyed the water and as for me, I tried my best to pretend i knew how to swim. lol Yeah, at my age, i dunno!!! im scared of getting drowned and drink pool water..eww.. I just wish we didnt went on Sunday, coz it's like it's everyone's free time to unwind, I cant believe the crowd..but luckily we found a good spot and that's the last pool, the kiddie one, it's like 3ft! (good for me)and the other one is 4 and 5, which i almost got drowned, see? well 3ft is ok, for my little sister.. S

Splash has extended their place, before it was only 4 big pools, but now they have like 9 or something, they have slides too, see that yellow and orange? I never ride on that one.. ok, call me wimp hehehehe


it's been days since he went back to states, i never thought i would miss him this much.. feel like my heart's breaking into pieces, 6months is not a long wait, boy im so sad right now, it's unbearable!

N90 my phone.... on my wish list

IF EVER, anytime soon or maybe just a wish, this is the fone I wanted to have..

My Object of Affection

...if I was a frog, and you're a little biddie fish, would you still love me?...hmm,we'd be friends i guess.....yes, i would love you no matter what

Dave driving his jeep

"He would always ask me something like that, and whatever he or i might be, I would still love him" I have mentioned a lot of Daves and Davids on my previous posts, silly I just realized you readers don't know him yet..

so how would I start? ok story again....a year ago,I claimed that 2005 would be the greatest year for me, without a goal or anticipations, I knew something will happen that will make me happy, that was my faith (a dream?)..After a recovery from a miserable relationship, I never thought of dating again, well for the meantime hehehe, though I have some few fans out there waiting for the green light, none of them made me appreciate it. Im a hopeless romantic here waiting for that so-called magic. I call it destiny as to how Dave and I met. It was August 2004 when I saw an old friend again, Josh, at my friend's son's birthday party. I haven't seen him for 8years already, he took everyone's email addresses and cellphone numbers. The next time I heard from him was sometime January and he's already in Iraq working. To make the story short, he introduced Dave to me. I find him so cute and goodlookin', but I cant just trust someone that easily, it's only physical attraction anyway, and one thing, he's American, different culture and thinking...but you know, everything changes...Our love blossomed through constant chats and calls, even more when he first came here to see me.. since then he visits me often once he have a chance to. It drew me more closer to him, trusting him even more (you know how fragile my heart now is.. lol) Im so happy, for this is the kind of relationship ive been dreaming of, it is really a partnership. He looks after me, protects me, makes me laugh,oh he's such a crazy animal, wacky clown, he's someone that can lighten up anyone's day, and most importantly, he made me talk and express myself...and the best thing? he's the sweetest person I have ever met! i dont want to describe him more, see i have female readers here, you may get interested or something..hehehe

Im so happy I have him, he's mine, he's my other half,a bestfriend,. my true love.. see how magic does?wish he knew how much i love him, oh well time will test that

His 5pm flight via China Airlines today

April 17th 5pm, that was the time his plane flew.

I woke up with a sad heart today, Ive been holding my tears since last night's party, enjoying the last hours we're together, ika nga' making every minute counts. I was up at 7 already, washed his clothes and made sure it was all dried up by noon. He seems not ready to leave,got up at 11 and just started packing his things at 12 . It would be five long months, could be 6, until we get to see each other again. He has to go back and work.. This would the longest time we'll be apart, since he go here every two months average

Grandma's boy

being fond of movies is really a nice way to unwind.. we just watched GRANDMA'S BOY last night at ATC of course, after we had our dinner in Sbarro at Festi,..I should have ordered baked Ziti rather the Eggplant parmiliagni--hope i spelled this right.. it's a nice feel-good movie again, funny as well..

Eight Below === we had a chance to see the premiere of this last tuesday, this is a story inspired by a true story of survival of eight canines left at the Antarctic base by NSF team, for 175 days of their own! must-see one for y'all guys

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