Splash Splash Splash


Season where you should buy coppertones and SPFs unless you wish to be more tan. In my case, I dont need it anymore, Im tan since birth! hehehe i love it though. brown or tan, is beautiful as they say to-die-for skin, just count those people who goes to tanning parlor to have our skin, that doesn't look natural at all.. as for this hot season, as Dave calls my room as oven! lol.. The gang(family) went on Splash Mountain an hour-drive going south from my cave. This would be just my 2nd time since ages ago. The first time I went there was when it's newly opened, less crowd.. We enjoyed the water and as for me, I tried my best to pretend i knew how to swim. lol Yeah, at my age, i dunno!!! im scared of getting drowned and drink pool water..eww.. I just wish we didnt went on Sunday, coz it's like it's everyone's free time to unwind, I cant believe the crowd..but luckily we found a good spot and that's the last pool, the kiddie one, it's like 3ft! (good for me)and the other one is 4 and 5, which i almost got drowned, see? well 3ft is ok, for my little sister.. S

Splash has extended their place, before it was only 4 big pools, but now they have like 9 or something, they have slides too, see that yellow and orange? I never ride on that one.. ok, call me wimp hehehehe


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