My first 2009 blog post!

first of all, have a happy 2009 to all!!

My 2008 has been great overall for me. Life has treated me good(I think). Last year I got married, and this month we're celebrating a year of love and marriage. And top of that, yours truly will be turning 29, like a couple days to go! wow, getting older. Where did all this years went? It just seems like I was in college enjoying life, watching movies, and a numerous road trips. I still do the same, now with my husband.

I admit, I have been real busy, and updating this blog has been the least of my priority. At one time, I even thought of just closing this one and open a new one-- a travel and food blog, or a SAHW- Stay-At-Home-Wife blog. Since I have been to places, and exploring food has always been an interest to me. And stuff I have learned being a SAHW... But then I thought, I'll just edit this whole blog, when? I don't know.

I still do selling on ebay, I still have my online jobs, and have been gone busy with my Facebook, and just started my online scrapbook. And having a Black Lab dog adds to the chaos! lol I love my dog, her name is Harley. She's turning 5 y.o, this January too! Isn't she cute?

Right now, I'm watching FoodNetwork's Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives..and Guy's show's making me hungry... tomorrow is another day.. and this Saturday? my hubby's coming home! woooohooo!

Happy New Year?

People happy and jolly.

I am too...

But I wish I'm celebrating it with my other half.

He's still in Iraq. And I'm here. yeah

it pains me..

So I just wished, I was at the Philippines,

with my family *sad*

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