My first 2009 blog post!

first of all, have a happy 2009 to all!!

My 2008 has been great overall for me. Life has treated me good(I think). Last year I got married, and this month we're celebrating a year of love and marriage. And top of that, yours truly will be turning 29, like a couple days to go! wow, getting older. Where did all this years went? It just seems like I was in college enjoying life, watching movies, and a numerous road trips. I still do the same, now with my husband.

I admit, I have been real busy, and updating this blog has been the least of my priority. At one time, I even thought of just closing this one and open a new one-- a travel and food blog, or a SAHW- Stay-At-Home-Wife blog. Since I have been to places, and exploring food has always been an interest to me. And stuff I have learned being a SAHW... But then I thought, I'll just edit this whole blog, when? I don't know.

I still do selling on ebay, I still have my online jobs, and have been gone busy with my Facebook, and just started my online scrapbook. And having a Black Lab dog adds to the chaos! lol I love my dog, her name is Harley. She's turning 5 y.o, this January too! Isn't she cute?

Right now, I'm watching FoodNetwork's Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives..and Guy's show's making me hungry... tomorrow is another day.. and this Saturday? my hubby's coming home! woooohooo!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

SweetPinay said...

hello Vans, thanks for dropping by in my page. Hays,here in our place we do have a Filipino store 2 miles from our house but they don't have fresh tropical fruits coz they are fairly new. Maybe someday,Where u at in NC?I'm here in SC,Beaufort.

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