a Toddler's Smoking break

So, how would you react if you saw a toddler smoking?? probably you'd do the same, take a picture 'til he's done with the stick! LOL... if this little kid here really knew what smoking is, OMG,shame on his parents! he should be at home playing toys!
This is very disturbing...tsk tsk tsk

Samantha & Marcus

Sam & Marcus.I just talked to Jackie in messenger, she's my buddy back in college, she's such a sweet simple girl,who got married last 2000 to very fine man Mark,they're based in Las Vegas..and just recently we get to chat a lot and exchange updates, she have two kids, Samantha & Marcus, they're so adorable little angels. I missed Jackie, the last time I saw her was the night before she flew to US, and she was like 7months pregnant to Marcus, since then we exchange snail mails and expensive phone calls;and we lost in touch when they moved to another place..Im glad she's just a buzz away now, what's killing me is the time differences we have, If i want to talk to her I have to be up late, but it's ok,not everynight!I dont want to have my insomnia back so I try sleeping by 2am max.. oh, Marcus is 4 and Sam is 3, they're soooo cute!!! Makes me wish to have a baby now hmmmm hehe I always tell Dave that I want to have ten kids..oh my, I hope we can afford to raise ten! Im just playin, I really just want two, a boy and a girl, can't wait to be a mommy too!! :-) All my friends who are already mothers changed, their views and outlook, everything..or simply call it the joy of parenting.. I know what it's like taking care of kids coz i have a very spoiled or (brat?)3yr old little sister, and I have 20+ (cant remember) of godchildren to top that, but I dont know what is like being a mom, me being one..
Sure I would be a spoiler coz dave's the type that would be a disciplinarian, wish my babies will get their father's blue eyes hehehe, and never their parent's craziness.. oh boy, my kids will be as wild and stubborn as their parent's, that's for sure..lol

missing blah blah blah

I have a problem....

it's 1:58a.m., and I cant sleep yet

Im missing my honey right now, he's in US right now not at his home in NC but of his' friend Nate in New Mexico, Nate's his former officemate or boss in KBR, he just got at the airport hotel in NM this morning(8am)and 5pm there (time difference again!) He textd me that he's already there safe and he loves me!! hehehe.. I dunno what got into me that Im missing him more today, probably the fact that he went somewhere farther than his friend Jason's flat and we wont be able to talk for a week (what a torture to me), his cell is in roaming that it might not get signal or something, hmmmm...anyway, Im goin to call him first thing tomorrow, as soon as I wake up :)

I was browsing my friendster's bulletin and I got this Missing Qs survey from Kevin, i find this cute, and yes, I answered it!

1. What do you miss the most?
my hubby's craziness

2. Which song do you miss hearing/singing/playing/s?
Hillsongs and Sonicflood! times where SFC had this gatherings and we'll sing song of worships...

3. What food do you miss eating?
awwww, I miss Tudings, it's a mini resto that only serve deep fried porkchop, with fried rice and sunny side up egg on top,..ok, Im hungry now

4. Which game/s do you miss playing?
Badminton, i just have no time

5. What words do you miss hearing?
"I love you baby"--- husband

6. What do you miss doing?
driving alone with car Ecto

7. Who do you miss most among your friends?
Josh, my other bestfriend, I think he already forgot about me :-(

8. Which school do you miss the most?
not high school nor college!

9. What do you miss wearing?
body hugger shirts (I gained weight!)

10. Which tv show do you miss watching?
Ariel and Maverick duo,on channel 5, they're so wacky!

11. Do you miss your pet?
Maxx, my dog, he died a week ago :-(

12. Which province do you miss the most?
Bicol, my dad's

13. In the opposite sex, who do you miss?
my dear David

14. Who do you miss among your teachers?
Sir Benjie Reyes of Accounting 1&2, yeah he's cute and vain

15. Who do you miss among your cousins?
cuz Frychian, I haven't seen her for a year

16. Which emotion do you miss feeling?
none i think

17. Subject/s you miss?

18. Among your friends of the same gender, who do you miss the most?
Jackie Pulliam, never seen her since 2000, and her kids

19. What can you do before but cant anymore so you miss it?
driving, and waste time in Tagaytay's Mushroom Burger and Starbucks

20. Among your exes?
i dont miss any eX

21. Miss dating whom?
let's just leave past alone

22. Vice you miss:
I used to smoke but I dont miss it

23. Miss the beach?
Boracay! I want to go back

24. Godchildren you miss:
Mark Gabriel, Cy's son

25. Miss being with:
highschool buddies

26. Do you think someone misses you?
of course, lots

27. Miss a friend who has departed?

28. Classmate/s you miss:
class seniors of '96

29. Miss sharing stories n talking about stuff with: hubby

30. Miss saying to yourself:
"why are you not gorgeous today?" hehehe, no objections pls....


hey, seduce me!,.. this is my nick in the board im very fascinated with. Seduce me is what I thought of when I signed up their registration,.. not literally seduce me (sexually), but seduce me in a way that i'll be impressed. Im a type of person that dont get easily attracted to someone physically, yeah I know how tempting Brad Pitt's looks, did you watched him in Troy??wow! hehehe, seriously, I admire men with intelligence, witty, smart, call it your way.. someone who could handle a good conversation with me, someone who could make me a dumbass, 'coz I find challenge there, you know someone who could make you read books and learn more... ooops Im not posting an ad here, I already met him and mind you, he's more than what Im aiming for ^_^ and seduces me in all aspects! hehehehe

oh, about the board, get it here , there's various topics that'll surely interests you and you can browse it(limited though)even if you dont sign up....

well, it's sunday now, and as usual im stuck here doing chores, but Im having fun right now coz we're re-painting all the walls from white to baby yellow, as told by some Feung Shui masters that yellow is a lucky color for this year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

starting it off

I accidentally came acrossed this blog-addict girl's site,which links me to this Blogskin, I was in awe when there's a lot of skin layouts to choose from the web besides this outdated standard templates here in blogger,it's so plain!..I got fascinated with the various skins i browsed, sheeeez, it took me a long time to decide on what to download, with all i previewed, i got five favorites and now, i have to choose a simple classy with a big space for my novels!!hehehe......and now i got this, coffee thing,.. im not a coffee lover but a frapuccino addict , aint it same ??,... enjoy readin.. buzz me up

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