hey, seduce me!,.. this is my nick in the board im very fascinated with. Seduce me is what I thought of when I signed up their registration,.. not literally seduce me (sexually), but seduce me in a way that i'll be impressed. Im a type of person that dont get easily attracted to someone physically, yeah I know how tempting Brad Pitt's looks, did you watched him in Troy??wow! hehehe, seriously, I admire men with intelligence, witty, smart, call it your way.. someone who could handle a good conversation with me, someone who could make me a dumbass, 'coz I find challenge there, you know someone who could make you read books and learn more... ooops Im not posting an ad here, I already met him and mind you, he's more than what Im aiming for ^_^ and seduces me in all aspects! hehehehe

oh, about the board, get it here , there's various topics that'll surely interests you and you can browse it(limited though)even if you dont sign up....

well, it's sunday now, and as usual im stuck here doing chores, but Im having fun right now coz we're re-painting all the walls from white to baby yellow, as told by some Feung Shui masters that yellow is a lucky color for this year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


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