Can I have a new dog? pleaseeeee

after seeing this vid, all my christmas wishes is gone to one, can I have a dog like this cute??

Christmas wish lists...

Yeah, I gotta have my own too! wait, ill just update my lists..

it's kinda long. so

School's over, Hello to Christmas vacation!

I just had my last exam for prelim last Saturday, and that's the ever boring Sociology-Anthropology, actually it would be interesting if the mode of teaching our prof's using is English, I could hardly understand old Tagalog! yeah,we all speak tagalog.. but I get a hard time to understand the book we're using,.. but what could be harder if your teacher is gay and is just talking nonsense?? Anyway, I think we dont have any class on Monday anymore, and classes will resume on 3rd of January..

Did I say Christmas vacation??it should be Christmas expenses!! I have like 20+ goddaughters and sons to give gifts with, and I cant recall their names anymore. One thing im sure though, they'll hunt me on the 25th! that's why im planning on going to my grandmother's house in Quezon City and spend the day there, and go back on 26th.. what a tightwad huh? hehehe as much as I want to give them something, well, i cant, being a student doesnt help!, though I have bought some for 4 kids I remembered when I once went a little shopping in Glorrieta. I have wrapped them up already actually, yeah im excited! I already sent some presents to special people too, I just hope it will get there before the 25th..

Merry Christmas!

i have a problem here

where on earth ill find this Masticatory and Stomatognathic system?? that's for my Oral Physiology bukas..

oh well


I catch him online! damn he's so busy since he got back to work.. my poor baby's sick, we was able to call me last night (and im so happy about it!), and hearing him talking with hoarse tone, it's like his nose's clogged..LOL and his tooth is aching! geeeze, he wont enjoy thier thanksgiving dinner later when he cant even eat..

Oh, I don't have a school today. Honey sent me money for me to be able to buy tons of books and a new pair of shoes,did I tell you the shoes i was wearin for a week already is too tight, that it even bruised my ankle (the back of my right foot)!.. Im so happy, see you later, gotta go shopping!

I love you honey..

College 101

I already started school, just last week.. it's cool, everything's new to me, though sometimes I find it boring though, well I guess I need a little time for adjustments.. especially if your classmates are of ages 17-19's, who loves showing off latest cellphones and make-ups and bags, sheeez *roll eyes* who loves talking about crushes and boys (oh come on!).. the new subjects are interesting, see im into science now, after being businessminded for years! lol

i gotta go, and do my homework! hehe

who could be more sadder than me?

his 3weeks here is over..
he just left Philippines again for Iraq yesterday...
it just hurts me seeing him leave everytime
my heart hurts, well literally.. I woke up this morning, feeling heavy chest pain.
I miss him so much, wish he could stayed longer..
sad sad sad..

Bora stay

First stop. Nami we're booked 4D/3N on an Ocean View suites. When we get off their transfer boat, the butler gave me a fancy P10 white beads necklace and gave Dave a native cowboy hat. Yeah, we have our own butler they say. The room's balcony has a 180 degree breathtaking view. And i noticed the rooms arent well maintained.. BUt if you're goin to ask me,paying $200 a night isnt worth it, buffet breakfast are just so so (not well presented), you would ask you're butler for some things then he'd forget, he's busy attending to some guests requests and waiter chores too, so I wont call him OUR butler..hmm.. I would still choose Friday's over Nami's. Staying there is just ok. Happy still coz im with my hubby.

Second stop. Asya. booked for 4D/3N again. I love their courtyard suites, it's cozy and relaxing atmosphere is all worth it. plus, we get a one time consumption of mini-bar, a beach bag, two slippers and a souvenir photo..

3 things survey...

3 cities you've lived in
1 - sanpedro
2 - caloocan
3 - xxx

3 malls you usually go to
1 - ATC
2 - Greenbelt3
3 - Festival Mall

3 of your favorite fastfood
1 - KFC
2 - McDonalds
3 - Tokyo Tokyo

3 schools you''ve attended i.
1 - CDSP
3 - Perps

3 favorite foods
1 - Tudings
2 - Calamares
3 - Shrimps @ Bubba Gump

3 favorite drinks
1 - Mango Shake
2 - Mineral Water hehehe
3 - SanMig Lite

3 things you've done today
1 - sleep
2 - breakfast
3 - check email

3 things found in your wallet
1 - Dave's picture
2 - business cards
3 - coins, no bills!!

3 last persons you saw
1 - Dave
2 - Nate
3 - Asya Boracay's receptionist

3 persons you always text
1 - my hubby
2 - Joy V.
3 - my mom

3 things you usually buy
1 - baby tee
2 - pagkain
3 - isaw

3 brands of your footwear
1 - havaianas
2 - tribu
3 - converse

3 brands of your clothes
1 - kamiseta
2 - UK brands
3 - herbench

3 things found in your bag
1 - pen
2 - notepad
3 - make up

3 perfumes/colognes
1 - Paris Hilton
2 - Romance by RL
3 - not branded

3 favorite colors
1 - pink
2 - white
3 - aqua blue

3 favorite parts of your house
1 - bed
2 - kitchen
3 - bathroom

3 things you're planning to buy
1 - a new pair of eyeglasses
2 - Romance perfume
3 - beach dress for this saturday's party

3 things running in your mind right now
1 - I want to go at the butterfly farm
2 - buy shirts and shell necklaces
3 - take pictures of Dave wearing his scuba dive suit, it's sexy

feeling the Boracay sand again..

Hubby and I are staying at Nami's right now , the suite we're at now are just ok so-so, maybe im expecting too much, well you would if you visit their site and check their room pics, you would really love to stay there.. for me, paying $200 a night is too much! I know it's like for the good view their balcony has but still it's not worth it, talking about cleanliness.. and mind you, Nami is one the expensive resorts here in Bora, but I cant have my wi-fi work and that really sucks!
We should've have stayed at Friday's again, but they we're like always fully booked so we never had a chance..we're checkin out tomorrow, and transfer at Asya Boracay, sure this one is great,news said it's newly built one along tourist center, seem like a good deal.. it's just across the Pinjalo resort where my hubby's friend, Nathan is staying at. They work together back in Iraq, and it's Nate's first time in Philippines, I hope he's enjoying his stay, I bet he is. They both enrolled themselves in an Open Water course in Calypso, wish I could join them but never mind, I dont even know how to swim!!! yeah, my age?i still dont know how..poor me! lol well, im scared of the water, i always get drowned once I started trying to swim on my own..

im here at Alice in wonderland's internet cafe, they charges 50pesos an hour here, cheaper than the Tourist center's Fuji's cafe's P70/hr!

im goin to Jonah's shakes tomorrow, this is my third time here in Bora and this is the only time ill get to visit that spot.. oh there's this Nescafe-something party a few lots from here, Hale & Sugarfree are goin to perform until the 6th, wish to see it..

gotta go, it's friggin hot in here, i rather stay in my room and play Sims at this time of the day!!


im sick; and tired...

Having a fever this morning isnt a good thing to start a day. I still have bunch of things to do actually, but i feel so tired to do so.. Been sad about a lot of things lately, family matters *sigh*, I wish I have all the money to move out. I dreamed of having a flat of my own, or happy for just a room. I dont like staying in a crowded place anymore, I love everyone at home but you know sometimes you want to have your own space, your own time, and peace, which my home doesnt offer(anymore). I have talked to my mom about this, she just said one thing, to wait for a little while and it'll be ok...
Is your place like mine? Dad do his little shop at the garage, some of my sibs just watch tv, mom?busy at the kitchen, and there's my little sister who almost ruin everything she lay her hands on! while the bathroom is like occupied every hour! I admit I spend a lot of time in my room, with all those noise I hear everyday, I guess it's just a dream for me to find tranquility, well, on my sleep yeah! LOL..
My two sisters feel the same way, they want to move out too..but heck, considering the money they get from their work wont make it even possible..*sigh*

dream on

on the happy side;

my honey's coming over (again) on 25th, im so excited about it! a few sleep more, then it's happy times again.. I cant wait..

Hillsong United in Manila!!

You've been singing their songs. You may not know it, but you have, you are. And singing them always gives you that energetic feeling, where you just want to jump up and down and dance and even kneel down and just praise God for being who He is in your life.

You've probably waited on their CDs, waiting for them to be released here. You've watched their videos, moved at the sight of thousands of people raising their hands up in the air in surrender to God. You've marveled at their band, at how flawless they sound, at how they could play their instruments like that.

You've probably been through a lot praisefests and worships before, but you've probably always wondered how it felt to be there with the band who wrote and first sang the songs you are singing. You've probably wished and dreamed of going to where they are from, and fully experience what it feels like to sing and pray in a worship that they led.

And you've most probably wish they'd visit the country, and you're definitely sure that you'll be there if ever they do.

Well, stop wishing and dreaming because this is your chance to worship with them!

November 21, 2006 (Tuesday)
8:00 pm
Rizal Stadium (behind DLSU)
Tickets: P800, P700, P550, P400

Reserve tickets through: 6330596/09209453779

(Note that this FAQ are questions we asked the organizers in behalf of all the other people who might ask the same questions so as you won't have to ask them anymore. Since this isn't done by organizers, some information may not be complete. You may want to ask again, but that depends on you. :p)

Is this for real? This is not a joke, as in?

Yes, it is for real. No joke. Try calling the number and ask if you're still doubtful. :)

Where is Rizal Stadium, exactly?

Rizal Stadium is located behind De La Salle University - Manila in Taft Avenue. You ride the LRT1 to Vito Cruz, go down and walk AWAY from La Salle, turn right at Torre Lorenzo, walk until you get to the entrance of Rizal Stadium. We're still not sure WHERE in Rizal Stadium it's going to be held, basta it's there. :P

How many people from the Hillsong United team are coming? Who are they?

According to the organizers, 14 people are coming from the United team. We're not sure who they are though. I guess we'll see on November 21. :)

November 21 is a Tuesday? Why can't it be scheduled on a Friday or Saturday night?

That we do not know. :( We think it's because the Philippines is a part of their Asian tour, and we're guessing that right after their event here, they'll be off to another place in Asia.

Are there any reserved seats? Or is it first come first served?

As far as we know, the P800 tickets are reserved seating.

I watched Steven Curtis Chapman last May and I remember there's some sort of Hillsong United promo there. Is that true?

Yes, it's true! If you watched the Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Manila last May and you still have your ticket, you can avail of the promo for Hillsong United in Manila tickets.

Cool! So how do I avail of the promo?

Call the number above and set an appointment to redeem your ticket. 1 SCC ticket = 1 P800 Hillsong United Ticket. If you bought a P1000 SCC ticket, you get your ticket for free! However, if you bought a P750 or P500 SCC ticket, you'd have to pay the additional balance for a P800 Hillsong United ticket.

That is just SO cool. Can I get the ticket now?

Redeeming of SCC tickets start on October 15 up to October 30. :)

But what if I bought a P1000 SCC ticket and I want to buy 2 P400 Hillsong United that possible?

Nope. 1 SCC ticket = 1 P800 Hillsong United ticket.

Any group discount? Early buyer discount? Whatever discount?

Nope, no discount. The tickets are actually quite cheap, if you look at it. :P (FLASHBACK: Patron tickets for Reuben Morgan last June 2005 at the Araneta Coliseum is P1500...this time it's only P800!)

Where do I reserve tickets?

In case you missed that BIG number up may call 6330596 or 09209453779 to reserve your tickets. :D

Where do I claim the tickets?

You can get your tickets at 2905 Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw corner Meralco Avenue. It's near EDSA Shangrila Hotel.


So far that's it! If there are any more questions, you may call them and if you would, share the answer with the people who you know will be watching. Somekindalike a community effort, you know? :P

THIS IS THE WORSHIP EVENT OF THE YEAR! You HAVE to be there! There's more than a month for us to save money for tickets and such, so tell all your friends! :) Let's all show how Filipinos can rock a stadium through praise and worship! :D And who knows, maybe your attendance would make them want to come back. ;)

God bless!

True Love

"A part of you has grown in me.
And so you see, it's you and me
Together forever and never apart,
Maybe in distance, but never in heart."

I love J.Lo!

from Selena to Maid in Manhattan....

you know sometimes I think she looks like me! hehehe

Mcdonald's Tie part

My sisters and I went to McDonald's one time, and i ordered myself a chicken meal, and I requested the crew to give me the "thigh part" one....

request granted,I got the "tie part"..


if you havent seen the news on CNN, how badly our place was struck by a super typhoon "Milenyo" (Millineum in english). Just on our village alone, you can see fallen trees, toppled electrical posts, garbage everywhere and muddy road.. I swear this is the most strong storm ive experienced, for it took off the half of our garage's roof!! yeah, it all flew away. That freaked me out really.

After that, we lost power (well, the whole Philippines!), and suffered for two days! we lost water supply too.. oh that sucks! mom and I would was clothes, wash dishes in a primitive way hehehe, fun though, but before you do it, you gotta fill up a big drum with water by fetching at our neighbor's. good thing their deep well still works.. Thank God we didnt suffered that much, I heard the next village was flooded waist-high and have lost important appliances, and double the damage to northern part of Luzon .

Right now, we still dont have the water back, and we gotta fall in a long line to this only one water station next block just to get two gallons of water to drink, that that's good for a day consumption..

Missing my co-SFC

Manji just emailed me our pictures from her birthday celebration last night.. Abbie and I went to her house after a siesta window-shopping @ SM yesterday, oh boy, seems like I bought a lot of shopping bags with me, with all items on sale?geez i wanted to buy it all..wish i could
Anyway, we got there late, as usual(that's my trademark i guess..hehe), and when I stepped in to their living room, I was so surprised to see some of my co-SFC!! they're all there, having their service team meeting, since CLP just started last sunday, and thank God, they have 23 participants!..

Have you noticed how big I am with this pics???grrrr

Is Happiness Expensive?

Is Happiness Expensive?

People think that happiness is expensive. If you look at the list
below, they seem to be right!

Buffet lunch at Shangri-La Hotel P800++
Wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes P12,000++
Driving, or being driven, in a 1999 Mercedes Benz P3 million
Lying beside a pool in cool Polo shorts P2,500
Checking the time in a Rolex P300,000
Malling in a Lacoste shirt P3,500
Seeing the glint of a one karat diamond ring (average) P100,000+
Walking in a party in an elegant Armani suit P50,000
Watching a movie in a VCD Player P20,000
Cuddling up in a Marks and Spencers pajamas P2,400
Daubing the scent of Estee Lauder perfume, small P2,000
Traveling in 'business class' instead of 'tourist' (U.S. trip) $2,000

There are people I know who don't think that happiness is expensive.
But what they do is awesomely enriching. For them, happiness means:

Being quiet in prayer for 10 minutes each morning P0.00
Giving a glass of water to the postman and garbage collector P0.00
Laughing with friends P0.00
Calling up my mother and telling her I miss her P0.00
Reading a good book. (Borrow one!) P0.00
Visiting an Elderly Home and listening to the stories of lola P50.00
Taking a quiet walk with a loved one and holding hands P0.00
Choosing to sleep-in until 10:00am one Saturday morning P0.00
Cooking popcorn and holding a songfest with the kids P50.00
Giving roses to a friend (from the market) with an original poem P35.00
and lists goes on and on........

This is just a forwarded email to a yahoogroup im subscribed at..
For me, happiness isnt has to be expensive, like you dont have to spend too much on something. Like anyone else here, im a soft-hearted person, just a text from a friend a day or receiving a call from Dave, it already makes my day. Knowing all the people you love are safe and just doing fine, then im happy. Of course, who doesnt want cool pricey things, everyone wants it, but do we need it?

im happy with simple things, expensive things just make your life complicated.
Im happy with just a thought that there's a special person who loves me with all his heart, just hearing him say he loves me is enough for me to wear that smile all day..

things im currently busy about

1. My dear fiance and I are holding an engagement party on Nov. 11th, and since im the one who's in the Philippines, im in charge of organizing the party's major details. We already booked a private resort for the venue, my problem now?? invitations... im looking for the best one in the row,im not in the hurry though but we have to send it out first week of October.

2. Preparing for my school this November. I have all the requirements needed for admission, a college entrance is next.. im scheduling it this week! by the way, im goin to take |"Dental Hygiene" course @Perps., a medical university where by sister who's a registered nurse now came from. This is my 2nd course btw.

3. Preparing stuff my fiance and I's requirements for filing my visa. Since I knew how it is done, im in charge with the preparation of the application..hmp! lucky guy you have a sweet girl here... LOL

4. oh,the most important of all.. Im off to a major fat-shedding-diet!! for three reasons one. for the engagement party two. we're going to Boracay baby! hehe, we'll be staying at Nami's, wow, love the place!! gotta show that killer abs hehe three. whoa of course, for my honey's eyes!!!

Wanted: a place to stay in Boracay in November!

im looking for a hotel to stay at Boracay on the first week of November, for 5 days, anyone here??

looking forward for that engagement party!!!

yooohooo!! my honey and I will be holding an engagement party on the 2nd week of November on a private resort.. im thinking of adapting a hawaiian theme so it wont be boring, sure this will be fun... It's my baby sister's 4th Birthday too, Angeline!!

will post pics soon, have to go *muah*

still pretty

in a cafe here, bored that i played on it's webcam.. took some crazy pics of me.. so far, this one is the best...nyahhh!! ha ha ha me sans the make up and hair brush

May I find comfort here?

spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there's always one reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
oh beautiful release
memory seeps from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

in the arms of an angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort there

so tired of the straight line
and everywhere you turn
there's vultures and thieves at your back
and the storm keeps on twisting
you keep on building the lie
that you make up for all that you lack
it don't make no difference
escaping one last time
it's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

in the arms of an angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort there
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

Goodbye Uncle Eddie

Goodbye Uncle Eddie...

my dear uncle Eddie has just buried today.. we're not really that close but he's a nice person not only to me but to everyone too. He's a man of laughter, you rarely can see him with a problematic face, you know why? because he knows how to manage all those.. His death is unexpected, the family are shocked when we found out that he met an accident at work.. He then was rushed to PGH Manila, which I regret why we rushed him there, the place only accelerated his death.. I hate PGH's Emergency room!!!! especially the doctors and the nurses. My uncle fought for his life, I knew he doesnt want to go yet, but that's life, and God's will.

I know wherever he is right now, he's happy. May God bless his soul.

all bruised up

let's just say it's a bad day for me. You know how I got this? from carwashing! I was trying to reach this rear end of the tire's hood (I dont know how you call it), the next thing I know I already have this violet thing on my arm.

I need to...

I need to....

change my template.. im bored with brown and black.. you know what's the worst thing is? actually im bored with my life right now.. wahhhhhhhhh

Jhosvaire Jamz


This are my group of friends back in highschool, we are called Jhosvaire Jamz, with all our names'initials are on it. Comprised of 12 people, but later we became 13, namely; Rangel, Aldo, Archie, Jose, Christian, Richard, Julius, Jemimah, Rachiel, Shiela, Vanessa Joy, Chingbee, and me.. And last July 22nd, we hold our very 1st reunion after 11years!!! I really miss this guys so much. .I get to see some of them before but we never had the chance to organize a reunion since some of them went migrated abroad already, and some are really out of touch. Jemimah lives in California, while Rachiel settled in Australia, Richard's in Korea and Christian's working in Kuwait, see how hard it would be to get them all in one date? But when we learnt that Rachiel's going home to get her kids, she requested to see us. And so, Jhoy and I called and text everyone to block off that July 22nd for the reunion, we even went house to house just to make sure everyone would come. I was so happy to see 8 of them that night, here's some pics I took, while some of them aren't drunk yet ha ha ha ha..

~*Rangel, Julius, Archie*~

~*Chingbee, me, Jhoy*~

~*me, Jhoy, Chingbee*~

~*Rangel & Julius*~

~*me & Shiela*~

~*Chingbee & Ching*~

What a night, I went home at 4am!! Hope we can do this again.. hopefully this coming December, this time with Jemimah and Ching promised to fly back just for that day.. wish I could introduce my honey to them too.. *sigh* I miss him

Flowers from Iraq

Flowers from Iraq

Im so happy today,I got a vase of fresh flowers from my hubby, it's so lovely, heart-touching flowers from you daddy!hehehe Im just a bit confused bout how it'was arranged.. I wonder how much it costs him to send this through a local but of 1-800-something worlwide..

read on that sweet lines

Don't cha wish your man is as sweet like him???



as for the JOB im looking for? hehe im still jobless, even if someone offer me one right now, Im not sure if ill take it, see I only have a month and a half to work, 'cause i have to prepare my school records and enroll by October.. Im goin to take "Dental Hygiene", a two year-course, pre-dental one.. this would be my 2nd course after I took Business Management.Im excited already.. What i am not sure of is that, if this program that i'll enrolling at will be credited once I get to US and practice there, 'cause from what I read online at that they might consider foreign students who studied abroad provided they will evaluate the units/subjects I took and if it doesnt conform with their program, they will advise students to further take additional subjects. They are quite strict with that. Then what if they dont recognize what the program I took here in the Philippines??? that's the problem! I have to take the whole course again there.. which I think would cost 5x the tuition fees here.. poor me.. oh not me.. poor Dave.. yeah, he's the one who's going to send me to school.. love you honey..hehehe.. Im excited to go back to school, but still, I really need to get a part-time job..oh man!

Is anyone here have gone through this situation? you studied here, and practice or work in US?share the experience will ya

oh, my sisters and I just watched AntBully yesterday! It was fun way to bond with my sisses, did I mention to you that I still have a 3year-old sister?yeah, with her age I know you'd say she could be my child..what should you do if you have parents that still practice sex? ewwwww dont want to talk about it..gross huh?... we went to Alabang Town Center (my favorite place), window shopping, movie, and ate out at Gerry's Grill ...

the food was great especially the Pork Sisig..

but hell, the service???? dissatisfied the sisig was served after 15minutes, but the rice??it took them a long 30minutes with just 4cup of rice.. I was really pissed off, waiting is a big deal for me when it comes to food, grrrr especially if im starving already!!! you know what I did? no tip for the waiter...

Tokyo Drift myspace layout

Tokyo Drift myspace layout

I just changed my myspace layout again, this time to this Fast and the Furious's Tokyo Drift..Shame I haven't seen the movie yet, my fault, my butt's glued at home..quite a homebody huh?right.. anyway, for those who want to have that layout like mine , here's the script!!!! just a reminder people in copy-pasting codes, delete the div tags that you could see on the last part, that is if you dont want some extra ads hanging on your left or right layouts, as you can see on other's myspaces..

Im not sure if this works with Hi5 or friendster.


photo credits:yahoo images

and my jobhunting never ends.......

and my jobhunting never ends...

ha, what a journey! I feel like my clock is ticking, i have to get a job within the month or else i would end up at my dad's office again, to which the labor is free wahhhhh... it's been a long month since i posted about me getting a job, look now im still here. Actually im torn of gettin one, for by October ill be going back to college again and earn Dentistry units, im goin to take "Dental Hygiene", a post degree course for two years, I should have thought of going back to school before since i had a lot of time,.. well, it's not too late though, but i wish to do a lot of things aside from studying.
Going back to my jobhunt story, im screwed! I think being a bum for months must have dragged my I.Q big time..would this explain why im being slow lately??lol i think this is what you get from bein a lazy turtle. I just had my job exam yesterday,and just realized i need mind exercises!geeez, i had a hard time on the first part of the exam but later got through with it and finished the five sets of diff exams all smoothly and on time.. but im not expecting if they'll hire me or what. Maybe my resume's already in the trash by I think i should get a sign "HIRE ME" and hang it on my neck so everyone would see, that i need a job badly. Oh crap, my doze of caffeine is kicking in again..

have you seen the latest in Iraq? pls pray for this people

my dead for a moment

cool people im still alive!, but my laptop's not, it's dead! wahhhhhhhh of all things, why my life?hu hu hu hu..ok the problem, the monitor's backlight's gone, as in i did everything i have to do, from settings and hp's troubleshoot thing, still, nada! my friend ella, a software engineer, told me to just bring to the nearest hp service center, i think she could help me if my laptop's brand is IBM, her's is. Im going to Makati maybe this week to inquire how much it would costs to repair it or worse, if i have to buy parts.. it's been gone for like 5days already, so thus my life is... i can still use my DSL (that works for a minute, and dead for the rest of the day) and that broken laptop, that is if i use flashlight, the room's light on and there's sunrays coming through my window! LOL, a big joke, but i did that for two days, cant help it,.. im online for like 14hours max/a day!oh YEAH i am.. those were the days... arghhhh, my Sims game too!! my music tripping and pictures editing,.. all gone, well for a moment,.. that, i dont know for how long,, im dead for a moment

oh my David's on Dubai right now, glad he got there safely,..not the praying and worrying doubles as he'll go back to his previous job, and stays there for 4months, and until i get to see him again,.. pretty long days and weeks, but i can do that, i can wait,.. as long as he's safe there, and me here. A lot of robbery's been going on our so-called safe and organized village in the south. My cousin and her friend were one of those victimized, while walking in an open space along the main busy road at 4 in the afternoon, there's three guys who walked with them and declared "holdup!", they took her friend's cellphone and a 7,000 cash in just seconds, with a gun and a pocketknife pointing at you, there's no way to negotiate, it's the cellphone or your life,.. so there, my cuz traumatized and is having sleepless nights.. geeez,, calling police here, act now!

Laugh Out Loud

my credits goes craft beader of GT, my jaws dropped from laughing! lol

A Woman's Secret .. and her Prayer

There was once a man and woman who had been married
for more than 60 years. They had shared everything.
They had talked about everything.

They had kept no secrets from each other except
that the little old woman had a shoe box in the top of
her closet that she had cautioned her husband never to
open or ask her about.

For all of these years, he had never thought about
the box, but one day the little old woman got very
sick and the doctor said she would not recover....

In trying to sort out their affairs, the little
old man took down the shoe box and took it to his
wife's bedside. She agreed that it was time that he
should know what was in the box.

When he opened it, he found two crocheted dolls
and a stack of money totaling $25,000. He asked her
about the contents.

"When we were to be married," she said, "my
grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage
was to never argue. She told me that if I ever got
angry with you, I should just keep quiet and crochet a

The little old man was so moved; he had to fight
back tears. Only two precious dolls were in the box.
She had only been angry with him two times in all
those years of living and loving. He almost burst
with happiness......

"Honey," he said, "that explains the dolls, but what
about all of this money? Where did it come from?"
"Oh," she said, "that's the money I made from
selling all the dolls..."
Women will love this...............

A Prayer.

Dear God, I pray for :

Wisdom to understand my man;
Love to forgive him;
And Patience for his moods;
because God, if I pray for Strength,
I'll beat him to death

Mother's day is McDonald's day

Happy Mothers' Day to all mommies out there! this is my beloved mum, our sibs' buddy.. people call her Tita Regie she got that name back when we still have our canteen. (fyi: we call elder women like that of my mom's age "Tita", that's how we address elder people, related or not, with respect here, "Tito" for male)She cooks very well, that in a short period of time, she already have regular customers who always look for her cooked meals. Especially her best tasting "Pork Adobo", no one can beat her with that,not even me... Id say mom's a very patient mother, with 7kids? she would have been crazy taking care of her children of different attitudes and moods. Like anyone here, she gets easily nervous about everything, talk a lot or lecture everytime she wants to raise her point, gets mad if provoked, sweet like she'll invite to go to UK (ukay ukay po)and me end up paying up for everything, crazy and wacky, and most of all she's like a friend whom you can talk to.... ok, I smell drama now. STOP.

And so today, we all went out , first time for us to be all together for a dinner, and guess where we went??? ha ha ha ha McDonald's!! hmm it's suppose to be Shakeys or Maxx's, but motherhood insist to go somewhere food are served fast, for she wants us to attend the 7:30pm mass, which I dont wanna do that time,. But she made sure we're all done with our foods at past 7, so we wont be late.. oh well, I dont have a choice, mom and dad dropped us off at the church!! So there, we sit in a row, all of us (her kids), she already attended the morning mass so they just went home.. The mass' homily was great. I saw myself almost in tears. And before the mass ended, there's this catholic group who presented a mothers'day interpretative dance, and a choir of men holding candles at the back. The show's message, and the entire mass's pinch me down to my heart of how special and great mothers are. And I thank mom, she insisted us to attend that mass..

And when we got home, oh a gallon of ice cream's waiting in the fridge!! happy here it's mothers day, hope everyday it is... lol

Myspace, Friendster, Hi5, MSN Spaces etc etc etc

Cool blog. Great layout. Embedded music. Friend requests. Pretty photos. Meant to socialize. Flirt. and so on.... some few things that this interactive social sites offers, that most people of my age,and teenagers are very hooked up to. I plead guilty! well not to all of those sites you know hehehe.. here's the story: Once upon a time, I became acquianted with Internet, I felt like I can see the whole world and know what people thinks in just one click. The first experience of typing the first website i and signing up that info-thing(that's the first thing my computer teacher taught me and the class) was a cool one.Walahhhh I have my very first email add!! and started to give it to everyone i know, and even asked them "email me!!" ha ha ha.. it's like im a naive girl who came from a far-flung town of Quezon with zero sign of civilization,and went to a busy city of Manila !! Yay! until I learned the language of chatting, learned the "asl", "brb" and "gtg"..I made a lot of few friends, chat with anyone who buzz me, download this and that, click left and right, and then all of a sudden my online world stopped, ooops!I broke down the school's computer...funny I didnt know such thing as viruses AND now, bye bye hotmail, welcome friendster, had hundreds of friends yeah just keep on adding everyone, not happy so I switch to Hi5, MSN's spaces, and Myspace all of the same time! jeeez, a total torture to my poor inbox..

Dont ask me to add you up, coz just deleted all my profiles! Im maintaining my Myspace now, since i love tracking people's blog and rants... and it's quiet there, i just wish there's a way who viewed my profile..hmmm. which they dont allow that.. anyway lets's talk about history!! MYSPACE was founded by Tom Anderson with his team of programmers back in July 2003, and just recently sold the site to Rupert Morduch of Fox News Corp. Myspace which is at sixth position for the most visited English website in the world with 76million whopping users! outwitted Friendster, Livejournal and the like.. as for Friendster, it was established in 2002 by Jonathan Abrams. Generally speaking, the members of Friendster's service are young adults in Europe, North America, and Asia aged about 21 to 30. However, even that cannot be accurately defined as there are also many other users within other regions and age groups. as evidenced in the larger membership of teenagers than young adults in South East Asia especially in the Philippines and Indonesia. --excerpts from wikipedia.. Look at that, friendster's a big hit here! beat my family, all of my sibs and cousins have friendster accounts!

My day? *duh* if i wasnt able to go to Jollibee and eat my fav chickenjoy with an overflowing gravy, i wont feel any better. Dad,mum,irene, reymart and my baby sis went there after attending a mass.. the conflict? family and business issue in one! and it's sad i cant do anything about it. I need a lawyer to fix this, and save my ass for a crime! LOL.. hey, dont think I did something bad here, na ah! no no no no. *dont ask* spare me this,. good thing, honey's on at his IM, we talked and i whine about everything, that's my baby, he absorbed it all,and now he's worried... and happy when he gave a call just to make sure im ok, well honey just to hear your voice, baby ill be fine...awww, love yah! *kisses*

>>>YESTERDAY was my sister IRENE's graduation.It was held at PICC, and the rites took 6hours to finish! good thing i didnt go with them (my proud parents and Cathy), me being sleepyhead?not on that occasion.. I just cooked everyone's favorite "my killer-spaghetti" for dinner, I never taste any spaghetti better than the way i cooked it. Very true. Ask my tasters and the for my sis, at last she's done with that 4years like us, but months more for her review and board, btw she took up Nursing..

>>>tomorrow's agenda: hmmm go to the City Hall and secure police and NBI clearances, as the usual requirement in applying jobs, go to Makati and try my luck again heh, and my favorite thing to do, read blogs (of EXes)hehehehe, trying to find out shhhhh dont tell anyone

>>>more rants! just wish my bestfriend Anthony had the time to see me when he was here for a two weeks off from his cruise job, imagine he just left again for Europe without telling me, he better be sure to have the best explanation for this, and he havent hand me my "pasalubong" yet..hmmm, hope his reading this now.

so, gtg!need to have a beauty rest for tomorrow. love you ppl


Im still up again, enjoying a cup of coffee with half cup of cream ha ha ha ha, that's how i make my coffee, it should be rather called creamer with coffee!..just like last night(morning) i keep on yawning but not sleepy, contemplating on reading a book or blog.., i have my first book to read this
week, it's Bernard Schlink's The Reader, the first one i read since my Grisham days, back on my last job. I haven't checked out what's J.Grisham's latest yet..I never thought that blogging could be this addicting, my stats inspired me to write more, see, I have regular visitors already YEHEY!!! ha ha ha sorry got carried away.. Im actually thinking of changing my blogskin into something and put up some more stuff on my side bar, just help me everyone, Im just new here, my excuse...LOL
It's my brother Reymart's birthday today, he just turned 12 i think, cant remember, mom cooked our favorite "Sinigang" or Pork in tamarind soup, wa!! it was so yummy, and we just had ice cream for dinner.. we decided to celebrate his bday together with mum's bday on 19th, we're going for a swim again, hopefully on a beach, I love beaches..

Oh im currently looking for a job!!! oh help wanted!!! I need it for sometime to while away until I go to school and get some Dentistry units this October. It's freaking bored in here, I think my butt's getting callous now..hehehe. probably get a call center job since it's the current trend job, and it suits my sleeping habit, see im still up when im supposed to be sleeping.. My main motivation for this is Shopping! yeah, when was the last time I went to buy something for myself??It's been ages man! Everything I have right now was given by people who cares *sobs* hmmm i just remembered what my Marketing professor's motto, "practice you're purchasing power".. i hope i would still have something
left for this, since ill be paying bills and loans *sigh*Im off this monday for a big jobjunt hehehe, Ill try Alabang or Makati, hate sitting here and just pig out..

Im waiting for Dave's call, I woke up with three missed calls from him, he must be worrying now, he's not online that's why. He's at Coral Beach Resort in SC (not sure)with Nate who just got there straight from NM. They just went there for that NASCAR cafe or park something, if you heard of it.. any NASCAR fans here? im not(yet), but i would love to.. i like driving actually just scared or racing and get hurt..

what if jealousy knocks in?

My day went well today, it's 4 in the morning, insomniac's saying hello again.. My day could have been all good except for this very second, im experiencing shortness of breath, that's what i exactly feel right now, as feeling anxious of what I would be reading next in this girl's blog which i accidentally bumped into. You know when my curiousity strikes, it itches me to do something (pronto ija!) to find answers to what my mind's cravings, and most of time I get want I want, and only then i'd feel ok (and calm).The blog looks familiar for I have seen it once but never read, and so here it goes.. I want to criticise how her dark blue background and white verdana fonts made my eyes sore, but that's not it, it's what's in her blog that made me read all her entries... it's a story of her daily life, her work, her moods, her girlfriends and her cat. But of course, her lovelife too. Who would'nt want to read something about someone else's love story,heh? She mentioned about her bestfriend and and ex-boyfriend, who are for her would-be the best guys for him but didnt end up to be. What caught my attention is her story with her bestfriend, for he have mentioned his name a couple of times..She have a bestfriend for 7 years, whom they have known each other very well. The guy know her more than anyone does. They dated once but it didnt work out, and as i have read on the previous posts, he cheated on her. oh well,im sorry, "men will always be polygamous" --- as all women said! LOL hahaha, trivia: I used to live in that shitty saying though, i was once a manhater (dont ask)... So they went back to being friends after some years. The girl's still single and dating, and the guy is engaged to marry, that I think from my deepest understanding between the lines, she is very jealous of..

"I've had feelings for him off and on quite a bit and he's told me the same...however...he is engaged to marry someone else and it kills me I guess b/c I never pictured him marrying anyone but me. The sad part is his parents love me and my dad loves him and they tell us often we should be the ones getting married.."

Her bestest friend is her soulmate, she said.For me that would be a perfect of all relationships, you know you're goin to marry your bestfriend and both parents would be very happy that they would end up together. You know how the deal with in-laws, if they dont like you for their son/daughter, you'd end up pleasing them, kissing thier ass if you have really have to. But look at her sitch, everything seems to be in a proper place. If Im the guy's fiance, id get jealous, id be wishing this and that for things to be easy. The guy's heart belongs to this girl whom he loves so much, I dont know if he loves or still likes his bestfriend, I doesnt say anything so on the blog..well if there is, sure she would have post it here and her girlfriends are now celebrating and might be drinking champagne for that. On one post she said, ".... but honestly as mcuh as I'd love for us to be together and we'd have everyone's blessing IF it were to happen I don't think it would much as I believe deep down we are soul mates that were only meant to be friends....anything other than just wouldn't work....." Sure it is, love works two ways honey. You have to accept the fact that he's engaged and happy, and hoping the other way around will only cause you pain, a heartbreak..Been there, and it hurt me big time ..fell in love with a bestfriend, the feeling's mutual, we dated out, im so in love that i got blinded by the fact that his heart belongs to someone else (i hate the girl), but the difference is our love is right but in the wrong time as Barry Manilow quoted...

So, in a way I understand the girl blogger's feelings, she knew it wont work anyway though she's still hides some more-than-friends kind of love for him.. I wish I knew how much..wish i knew...

my heart's breaking after reading her notes, being away from the man you love is hard, you know missing him really bad everyday, and thinking about him occupies my mind most of the time. AND bumping unto her bestfriend's blog is not a joke, it made me wish that Im with my man already..I know it wont be long and we will be together.. but right now? YES, im jealous. and SHE owns the blog...

Splash Splash Splash


Season where you should buy coppertones and SPFs unless you wish to be more tan. In my case, I dont need it anymore, Im tan since birth! hehehe i love it though. brown or tan, is beautiful as they say to-die-for skin, just count those people who goes to tanning parlor to have our skin, that doesn't look natural at all.. as for this hot season, as Dave calls my room as oven! lol.. The gang(family) went on Splash Mountain an hour-drive going south from my cave. This would be just my 2nd time since ages ago. The first time I went there was when it's newly opened, less crowd.. We enjoyed the water and as for me, I tried my best to pretend i knew how to swim. lol Yeah, at my age, i dunno!!! im scared of getting drowned and drink pool water..eww.. I just wish we didnt went on Sunday, coz it's like it's everyone's free time to unwind, I cant believe the crowd..but luckily we found a good spot and that's the last pool, the kiddie one, it's like 3ft! (good for me)and the other one is 4 and 5, which i almost got drowned, see? well 3ft is ok, for my little sister.. S

Splash has extended their place, before it was only 4 big pools, but now they have like 9 or something, they have slides too, see that yellow and orange? I never ride on that one.. ok, call me wimp hehehehe


it's been days since he went back to states, i never thought i would miss him this much.. feel like my heart's breaking into pieces, 6months is not a long wait, boy im so sad right now, it's unbearable!

N90 my phone.... on my wish list

IF EVER, anytime soon or maybe just a wish, this is the fone I wanted to have..

My Object of Affection

...if I was a frog, and you're a little biddie fish, would you still love me?...hmm,we'd be friends i guess.....yes, i would love you no matter what

Dave driving his jeep

"He would always ask me something like that, and whatever he or i might be, I would still love him" I have mentioned a lot of Daves and Davids on my previous posts, silly I just realized you readers don't know him yet..

so how would I start? ok story again....a year ago,I claimed that 2005 would be the greatest year for me, without a goal or anticipations, I knew something will happen that will make me happy, that was my faith (a dream?)..After a recovery from a miserable relationship, I never thought of dating again, well for the meantime hehehe, though I have some few fans out there waiting for the green light, none of them made me appreciate it. Im a hopeless romantic here waiting for that so-called magic. I call it destiny as to how Dave and I met. It was August 2004 when I saw an old friend again, Josh, at my friend's son's birthday party. I haven't seen him for 8years already, he took everyone's email addresses and cellphone numbers. The next time I heard from him was sometime January and he's already in Iraq working. To make the story short, he introduced Dave to me. I find him so cute and goodlookin', but I cant just trust someone that easily, it's only physical attraction anyway, and one thing, he's American, different culture and thinking...but you know, everything changes...Our love blossomed through constant chats and calls, even more when he first came here to see me.. since then he visits me often once he have a chance to. It drew me more closer to him, trusting him even more (you know how fragile my heart now is.. lol) Im so happy, for this is the kind of relationship ive been dreaming of, it is really a partnership. He looks after me, protects me, makes me laugh,oh he's such a crazy animal, wacky clown, he's someone that can lighten up anyone's day, and most importantly, he made me talk and express myself...and the best thing? he's the sweetest person I have ever met! i dont want to describe him more, see i have female readers here, you may get interested or something..hehehe

Im so happy I have him, he's mine, he's my other half,a bestfriend,. my true love.. see how magic does?wish he knew how much i love him, oh well time will test that

His 5pm flight via China Airlines today

April 17th 5pm, that was the time his plane flew.

I woke up with a sad heart today, Ive been holding my tears since last night's party, enjoying the last hours we're together, ika nga' making every minute counts. I was up at 7 already, washed his clothes and made sure it was all dried up by noon. He seems not ready to leave,got up at 11 and just started packing his things at 12 . It would be five long months, could be 6, until we get to see each other again. He has to go back and work.. This would the longest time we'll be apart, since he go here every two months average

Grandma's boy

being fond of movies is really a nice way to unwind.. we just watched GRANDMA'S BOY last night at ATC of course, after we had our dinner in Sbarro at Festi,..I should have ordered baked Ziti rather the Eggplant parmiliagni--hope i spelled this right.. it's a nice feel-good movie again, funny as well..

Eight Below === we had a chance to see the premiere of this last tuesday, this is a story inspired by a true story of survival of eight canines left at the Antarctic base by NSF team, for 175 days of their own! must-see one for y'all guys


I just love how Sid talks, having lisp sound is someway cute to me, and who cant forget the two Pasms! just look at how they walk! hehehe.. this movie's so funny that Dave and I have watched it three times already to date..we went there once, second, with Irene, and third with my cousins!!.. cant wait to have a copy of this, sure ill watch it over and over again... two thumbs up! better than the first

the honeymooners just got back

just got back from two days off of snuggling and smooching, the day he called he-should-be-nice-to-me because it's a special day LOL..the trip was good overall. It could have been a best one if not for some unavoidable instances as far as hotel services is concern. Before I made a reservation, I made sure that A/C and hot water are working and they said "Yes, it works"... but when we got there, hot water would work for a certain time and it's all cold by afternoon, the TV's messed up too--it gets blurry in a while.. There were like only two or three suites including us are occupied, and the rest of the rooms and nipa huts are vacant. Im not assuming, you can tell which are occupied ones with their lights on at their verandas at night.. Im just dissatisfied with the service, it's not worth the money. If not for the overlooking view of Taal Lake/Volcano, we wont be there.. here's one funny incident, we called the room service for two extra towels early morning, and I was surprised that they charged 20bucks each! I never heard of any hotel that charges for that.. well anyway, I told Dave about it and he was like, no way! cancel that!. But i wasnt able to coz i already said so. I thought he called back the RS to cancel it, to my surprise after dinner I got a call from the front desk saying they're waiving us the P40 off because of the delay, and just seconds, there's this roomboy waiting outside for the towels!! :-)

It must be an old hotel that's been running for years, it just needs more improvements, it is still good anyway, ill be back there maybe soon and try their nipa huts..hmm, btw, it's Estancia Resort & Hotel..

Of course, will I forget the famous Colette's Buko Pie and the pineapples on our home?!! Im so glad we spent two days off alone, we never did anything but lay down and but pig out..Oh, i love you baby

March 27th, our first anniversary

just one more sleep, then it'll be my most waited day, our anniversary.. we have come this far, and I myself cant believe it.. that the love I have for him have grew more and more each day, especially now--we're together for two months, though both of us have some differences, have lived and raised in different culture, he came from the other side of the earth, we speak of different tongues, but im happy and proud to say that we bridged it all by understanding...

We decided to book a hotel in Tagaytay, he love that place since the first time he saw it, it's quiet and as for me being a nature-lover, i love it more, from the calming breeze that touches your skin to the friendly people around, and the food!! I can live at Mushroom Burger house (just across the Casino)...I would love to have our lovenest there in the future!

see this?? aint that pretty? this is the perfect view every morning!
Im so glad ill be having a two days off from work too, you know, away from the hurdles of being busy, and what's best is me and my honey are celebrating a blessed year of being together..awwwwww... sounds like ill be getting a massage tonight..hehehehe

another stressing wednesday

right at this very second, there's only one thing i really want to do--- sleep!! this is my 3rd week working my ass off at mom's store (technically mine) hmm long story... not whining here, but my back and my right arm hurts, tingly at times.. probably just tensed muscles again, this is what I usually hear from therapists who works on my back (well, i love massage!).. anyway, I pledged to do mom's work which is to cook for the meantime she's not very well yet, her blood pressure went up one time and her right part of the body hurts often since then..but as she talked to a doctor, she advised mom not to work anymore and just do light things, she cant be stressed out nor tired or nervous as well, and a prescribed medicine of everyday intake should be monitored to lower down her cholesterol and uric acid... I felt very sad about it, she cant be sick at 46!! I mean she's too young to have this condition of close-to-60's-people hmp :( but thank God, she's doing great every day, bit hardheaded coz she doesnt cook all morning now, but she makes herself busy doing chores at home...

anyway, mybaby's not here, he went out with my cousins and brother, to look for a breakdrum for my bro's owner jeep...oh, he got himself a stainless custom-built jeep two weeks ago, and been busy about it since then, Im glad he doesnt get that bored anymore, he have something to play with now and something to spent money with!.. since he got that, he's like spending tons of hundreds just to make it look like new, from the interiors to the engine, he could almost replaced everything!! but I must say it looked better now, and as he named it, a chick magnet!! sheeez!

i gotta go, need some nap, sure he'll wake me up when he gets back so.. ciao!

Dave's 38day visa

monday lunchtime, after my morning cooking sessions, Dave and I went to Bureau of Immigration in Manila yesterday for his 38day visa extension, I almost forgot that we should have it done a week before his 21day visa expires, which is this 11th, not too late so.. It was his first time to get one, and so i was like worried about the process, Im so glad it's just another thing that needs patience (of waiting!! and falling in lines).. we got there at past 12, I was surprised seeing long lines and bunch of people applying for visas too, Americans, Koreans, Japanese, Brits... but what really caught my attention is that the immigration's office is too small to accomodate everyone! I even heard a British guy comments "this is insane, we dont have something like this back home".. I couldnt help but agree... it took us 4hours in there, all went well anyway, the staff are friendly & helpful.. something funny is, i almost had a breakdown, the place's too crowded, people talking, some moved from one line to another and there's this officer calling numbers by microphone, noisy & unorganized! I breathe hard and panic almost knocked my heart off.. Dave saw me (teary) and told me to just wait outside and so i did...

another disapointment for the govt, but hey, im so happy, we have a month and a half to share.. that only means more time!!! yehey!!

Panagbenga 2006

was it been two weeks since you heard something from me?

busy hanging out out and spending a lot of time together with my Love..
everything went happier when he got here, and hope he wont leave anymore, but of course, he has to...

we went to Bagiuo's Panagbenga! it was great, if only not that sunny at the time of the parade.. here are the pics i took

oh it's Jackie's birthday tomorrow (March4), happy birthday girl!!

8 hours to go!

my heart's pounding..

counting hours and minutes..

trying to picture out that moment...

YES im still up, i dont know if im goin to sleep or what. keep on thinking that
I'll be seeing him later! ye haaaaa!!! 8 hours more and ill be at the
airport, to pick him up

im nervous! sheeeez (first time?)
nah,. this is the fifth man!

Welcome China Airlines!! bring him safe


I thought my insomnia's back again last night, it never let me sleep until past 3. I worried about Dave's flight, though I should not. His back still hurts and sitting in a plane for like a day would be no good to him..well, I hope so..I feel like we've been two years apart, I miss him so bad, really bad. Hope to have a worry-free friday, but hell i cant help it, im not done with my room yet, no curtains yet, have to wash some clothes again, i have to get my hair trim later and have my toe nails painted again!!, and oh my, I fogot to buy popcorn!! i'll keep that in my lists-of-to-do's..LOL we love popcorn with lotsa butter..we both love movies and we watch often before we go to sleep...

I gotta go, i have to feed Mickey, she's screaming for food again, I just cant let her in the kitchen, it'll be a big mess

-pretty excited-


Im one of those fans of Dawson's Creek, i just love how pretty and sweet Joey Potter is and that smile, I love Katie's image on and off cam since then, but I stopped admiring her when she got linked to Tom Cruise and become engaged after only two months of dating(fast huh?). She called off a two year engagement to Chris Klein, just because of Tom! oh well, who dont want to have him as a fiance anyway?, their faces are at Life&Style magazine's cover, and the news claiming about their break-up and the wedding's off! and that the couple will keep up appearances until the baby's born....
For me, I never believed their so-called "relationship" since the time they shocked the press about them being a couple, they could have just made this one up for their movies' sake(?)..but when I heard of Kat's pregnancy, I told myself, it must be true then.. hmmmm, I really cant convince myself, maybe I will when if ill see Katie on a wedding dress...

trivia: both of them are from/lived in North Carolina!

Red Roses

good morning everyone, just woke up, did i told you that my hubby's coming 5days from now?!! im goin to see him again after two months and two weeks of being away, i miss him so much..

just got flowers from him today!!i just love those 18 red long-stem roses...those are my favorites it just made my baby's so sweet! i really could not ask for more, he's everything to me..

well, i gotta go, i have to fix my room and make it more spacious for him, since he'll be bringing a lot of stuff when he gets here.. i hope my nose will cooperate, i always end up sneezing after a minute of cleaning!.. im allergic to dust, that's why..

one more, did you missed the Lovapalooza in Baywalk??? you shouldnt!!! wish me and hubby were there! well, we'll have time for that! hehehehehe

Happy valentines everyone!!

mood swinger

...i even thought that he doesnt miss me at all and even asked him if he still love me.....

I was not in the mood for the last few days, obviously you can't see any entry..I dont know what kept me in a bad state lately but I just realized that I have been missing my Dave to the extreme. I feel like I can't reached him anymore (funny it's just a week), our usual talk time became unpredictable, if we do get a chance to,it's always a short convo 'coz it's either he's just very tired and needed to sleep and have to wake up early..and funny coz by the time he's up, Im the one who needs to sleep... should I blame the time differences we have? he's 15hours behind :-) im here in 7,107-islands-country and he's at a-week vacation in I just over reacting here? could I be jealous? demanding? tight? protective? you know what worse is, I even thought that he doesnt me miss me at all and even asked him if he still love me? pathetic. Asked me why? one of my cousin's been teasing me about his fidelity--"like how would I know that he's not doing anything fishy out there, that he could be somewhere dating a girl?".. I know it's just a joke, but it left me thinking...which I shouldnt have... sheeez, I felt guilty..We just talked a while and we were able to talk for a time and have managed to clear things out, and now I got my confidence back...oh I wish, he'll be home soon, I miss him sooo much...

I remember the picture he just sent me, that makes my heart melt everytime *mush*

he wrote my name on a snow!

a Toddler's Smoking break

So, how would you react if you saw a toddler smoking?? probably you'd do the same, take a picture 'til he's done with the stick! LOL... if this little kid here really knew what smoking is, OMG,shame on his parents! he should be at home playing toys!
This is very disturbing...tsk tsk tsk

Samantha & Marcus

Sam & Marcus.I just talked to Jackie in messenger, she's my buddy back in college, she's such a sweet simple girl,who got married last 2000 to very fine man Mark,they're based in Las Vegas..and just recently we get to chat a lot and exchange updates, she have two kids, Samantha & Marcus, they're so adorable little angels. I missed Jackie, the last time I saw her was the night before she flew to US, and she was like 7months pregnant to Marcus, since then we exchange snail mails and expensive phone calls;and we lost in touch when they moved to another place..Im glad she's just a buzz away now, what's killing me is the time differences we have, If i want to talk to her I have to be up late, but it's ok,not everynight!I dont want to have my insomnia back so I try sleeping by 2am max.. oh, Marcus is 4 and Sam is 3, they're soooo cute!!! Makes me wish to have a baby now hmmmm hehe I always tell Dave that I want to have ten kids..oh my, I hope we can afford to raise ten! Im just playin, I really just want two, a boy and a girl, can't wait to be a mommy too!! :-) All my friends who are already mothers changed, their views and outlook, everything..or simply call it the joy of parenting.. I know what it's like taking care of kids coz i have a very spoiled or (brat?)3yr old little sister, and I have 20+ (cant remember) of godchildren to top that, but I dont know what is like being a mom, me being one..
Sure I would be a spoiler coz dave's the type that would be a disciplinarian, wish my babies will get their father's blue eyes hehehe, and never their parent's craziness.. oh boy, my kids will be as wild and stubborn as their parent's, that's for

missing blah blah blah

I have a problem....

it's 1:58a.m., and I cant sleep yet

Im missing my honey right now, he's in US right now not at his home in NC but of his' friend Nate in New Mexico, Nate's his former officemate or boss in KBR, he just got at the airport hotel in NM this morning(8am)and 5pm there (time difference again!) He textd me that he's already there safe and he loves me!! hehehe.. I dunno what got into me that Im missing him more today, probably the fact that he went somewhere farther than his friend Jason's flat and we wont be able to talk for a week (what a torture to me), his cell is in roaming that it might not get signal or something, hmmmm...anyway, Im goin to call him first thing tomorrow, as soon as I wake up :)

I was browsing my friendster's bulletin and I got this Missing Qs survey from Kevin, i find this cute, and yes, I answered it!

1. What do you miss the most?
my hubby's craziness

2. Which song do you miss hearing/singing/playing/s?
Hillsongs and Sonicflood! times where SFC had this gatherings and we'll sing song of worships...

3. What food do you miss eating?
awwww, I miss Tudings, it's a mini resto that only serve deep fried porkchop, with fried rice and sunny side up egg on top,..ok, Im hungry now

4. Which game/s do you miss playing?
Badminton, i just have no time

5. What words do you miss hearing?
"I love you baby"--- husband

6. What do you miss doing?
driving alone with car Ecto

7. Who do you miss most among your friends?
Josh, my other bestfriend, I think he already forgot about me :-(

8. Which school do you miss the most?
not high school nor college!

9. What do you miss wearing?
body hugger shirts (I gained weight!)

10. Which tv show do you miss watching?
Ariel and Maverick duo,on channel 5, they're so wacky!

11. Do you miss your pet?
Maxx, my dog, he died a week ago :-(

12. Which province do you miss the most?
Bicol, my dad's

13. In the opposite sex, who do you miss?
my dear David

14. Who do you miss among your teachers?
Sir Benjie Reyes of Accounting 1&2, yeah he's cute and vain

15. Who do you miss among your cousins?
cuz Frychian, I haven't seen her for a year

16. Which emotion do you miss feeling?
none i think

17. Subject/s you miss?

18. Among your friends of the same gender, who do you miss the most?
Jackie Pulliam, never seen her since 2000, and her kids

19. What can you do before but cant anymore so you miss it?
driving, and waste time in Tagaytay's Mushroom Burger and Starbucks

20. Among your exes?
i dont miss any eX

21. Miss dating whom?
let's just leave past alone

22. Vice you miss:
I used to smoke but I dont miss it

23. Miss the beach?
Boracay! I want to go back

24. Godchildren you miss:
Mark Gabriel, Cy's son

25. Miss being with:
highschool buddies

26. Do you think someone misses you?
of course, lots

27. Miss a friend who has departed?

28. Classmate/s you miss:
class seniors of '96

29. Miss sharing stories n talking about stuff with: hubby

30. Miss saying to yourself:
"why are you not gorgeous today?" hehehe, no objections pls....


hey, seduce me!,.. this is my nick in the board im very fascinated with. Seduce me is what I thought of when I signed up their registration,.. not literally seduce me (sexually), but seduce me in a way that i'll be impressed. Im a type of person that dont get easily attracted to someone physically, yeah I know how tempting Brad Pitt's looks, did you watched him in Troy??wow! hehehe, seriously, I admire men with intelligence, witty, smart, call it your way.. someone who could handle a good conversation with me, someone who could make me a dumbass, 'coz I find challenge there, you know someone who could make you read books and learn more... ooops Im not posting an ad here, I already met him and mind you, he's more than what Im aiming for ^_^ and seduces me in all aspects! hehehehe

oh, about the board, get it here , there's various topics that'll surely interests you and you can browse it(limited though)even if you dont sign up....

well, it's sunday now, and as usual im stuck here doing chores, but Im having fun right now coz we're re-painting all the walls from white to baby yellow, as told by some Feung Shui masters that yellow is a lucky color for this year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

starting it off

I accidentally came acrossed this blog-addict girl's site,which links me to this Blogskin, I was in awe when there's a lot of skin layouts to choose from the web besides this outdated standard templates here in blogger,it's so plain!..I got fascinated with the various skins i browsed, sheeeez, it took me a long time to decide on what to download, with all i previewed, i got five favorites and now, i have to choose a simple classy with a big space for my novels!!hehehe......and now i got this, coffee thing,.. im not a coffee lover but a frapuccino addict , aint it same ??,... enjoy readin.. buzz me up

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