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Cool blog. Great layout. Embedded music. Friend requests. Pretty photos. Meant to socialize. Flirt. and so on.... some few things that this interactive social sites offers, that most people of my age,and teenagers are very hooked up to. I plead guilty! well not to all of those sites you know hehehe.. here's the story: Once upon a time, I became acquianted with Internet, I felt like I can see the whole world and know what people thinks in just one click. The first experience of typing the first website i and signing up that info-thing(that's the first thing my computer teacher taught me and the class) was a cool one.Walahhhh I have my very first email add!! and started to give it to everyone i know, and even asked them "email me!!" ha ha ha.. it's like im a naive girl who came from a far-flung town of Quezon with zero sign of civilization,and went to a busy city of Manila !! Yay! until I learned the language of chatting, learned the "asl", "brb" and "gtg"..I made a lot of few friends, chat with anyone who buzz me, download this and that, click left and right, and then all of a sudden my online world stopped, ooops!I broke down the school's computer...funny I didnt know such thing as viruses AND now, bye bye hotmail, welcome friendster, had hundreds of friends yeah just keep on adding everyone, not happy so I switch to Hi5, MSN's spaces, and Myspace all of the same time! jeeez, a total torture to my poor inbox..

Dont ask me to add you up, coz just deleted all my profiles! Im maintaining my Myspace now, since i love tracking people's blog and rants... and it's quiet there, i just wish there's a way who viewed my profile..hmmm. which they dont allow that.. anyway lets's talk about history!! MYSPACE was founded by Tom Anderson with his team of programmers back in July 2003, and just recently sold the site to Rupert Morduch of Fox News Corp. Myspace which is at sixth position for the most visited English website in the world with 76million whopping users! outwitted Friendster, Livejournal and the like.. as for Friendster, it was established in 2002 by Jonathan Abrams. Generally speaking, the members of Friendster's service are young adults in Europe, North America, and Asia aged about 21 to 30. However, even that cannot be accurately defined as there are also many other users within other regions and age groups. as evidenced in the larger membership of teenagers than young adults in South East Asia especially in the Philippines and Indonesia. --excerpts from wikipedia.. Look at that, friendster's a big hit here! beat my family, all of my sibs and cousins have friendster accounts!

My day? *duh* if i wasnt able to go to Jollibee and eat my fav chickenjoy with an overflowing gravy, i wont feel any better. Dad,mum,irene, reymart and my baby sis went there after attending a mass.. the conflict? family and business issue in one! and it's sad i cant do anything about it. I need a lawyer to fix this, and save my ass for a crime! LOL.. hey, dont think I did something bad here, na ah! no no no no. *dont ask* spare me this,. good thing, honey's on at his IM, we talked and i whine about everything, that's my baby, he absorbed it all,and now he's worried... and happy when he gave a call just to make sure im ok, well honey just to hear your voice, baby ill be fine...awww, love yah! *kisses*

>>>YESTERDAY was my sister IRENE's graduation.It was held at PICC, and the rites took 6hours to finish! good thing i didnt go with them (my proud parents and Cathy), me being sleepyhead?not on that occasion.. I just cooked everyone's favorite "my killer-spaghetti" for dinner, I never taste any spaghetti better than the way i cooked it. Very true. Ask my tasters and the for my sis, at last she's done with that 4years like us, but months more for her review and board, btw she took up Nursing..

>>>tomorrow's agenda: hmmm go to the City Hall and secure police and NBI clearances, as the usual requirement in applying jobs, go to Makati and try my luck again heh, and my favorite thing to do, read blogs (of EXes)hehehehe, trying to find out shhhhh dont tell anyone

>>>more rants! just wish my bestfriend Anthony had the time to see me when he was here for a two weeks off from his cruise job, imagine he just left again for Europe without telling me, he better be sure to have the best explanation for this, and he havent hand me my "pasalubong" yet..hmmm, hope his reading this now.

so, gtg!need to have a beauty rest for tomorrow. love you ppl


baroogz said...

haha. I remember my online childhood moments. such precious memories of mindless chats and useless internet crap. Not to mention that eye-opening and yet morally polluting first glimpse of porn. hehe.

about your day...
You have quite an eventful life. :)
enviable. :)

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