Im still up again, enjoying a cup of coffee with half cup of cream ha ha ha ha, that's how i make my coffee, it should be rather called creamer with coffee!..just like last night(morning) i keep on yawning but not sleepy, contemplating on reading a book or blog.., i have my first book to read this
week, it's Bernard Schlink's The Reader, the first one i read since my Grisham days, back on my last job. I haven't checked out what's J.Grisham's latest yet..I never thought that blogging could be this addicting, my stats inspired me to write more, see, I have regular visitors already YEHEY!!! ha ha ha sorry got carried away.. Im actually thinking of changing my blogskin into something and put up some more stuff on my side bar, just help me everyone, Im just new here, my excuse...LOL
It's my brother Reymart's birthday today, he just turned 12 i think, cant remember, mom cooked our favorite "Sinigang" or Pork in tamarind soup, wa!! it was so yummy, and we just had ice cream for dinner.. we decided to celebrate his bday together with mum's bday on 19th, we're going for a swim again, hopefully on a beach, I love beaches..

Oh im currently looking for a job!!! oh help wanted!!! I need it for sometime to while away until I go to school and get some Dentistry units this October. It's freaking bored in here, I think my butt's getting callous now..hehehe. probably get a call center job since it's the current trend job, and it suits my sleeping habit, see im still up when im supposed to be sleeping.. My main motivation for this is Shopping! yeah, when was the last time I went to buy something for myself??It's been ages man! Everything I have right now was given by people who cares *sobs* hmmm i just remembered what my Marketing professor's motto, "practice you're purchasing power".. i hope i would still have something
left for this, since ill be paying bills and loans *sigh*Im off this monday for a big jobjunt hehehe, Ill try Alabang or Makati, hate sitting here and just pig out..

Im waiting for Dave's call, I woke up with three missed calls from him, he must be worrying now, he's not online that's why. He's at Coral Beach Resort in SC (not sure)with Nate who just got there straight from NM. They just went there for that NASCAR cafe or park something, if you heard of it.. any NASCAR fans here? im not(yet), but i would love to.. i like driving actually just scared or racing and get hurt..


baroogz said...

ur one of them creamer people! putting coffee on cream. :) as long it's coffee that's cool. :)

and oh, a call center job? u should definitely try that out! It's one of the best interim jobs: you work at nights and you earn mucho dinero.... I worked in a call center when I stopped school. so there... do it. it's fun and will earn you enough funds for your splurging needs. :)

~~VANS~~ said...

thank you dear for that note! I though im already weird here with putting a lotta cream in coffee.. hehehe

~~VANS~~ said...

i mean "i thought" up there.. lol

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