Mother's day is McDonald's day

Happy Mothers' Day to all mommies out there! this is my beloved mum, our sibs' buddy.. people call her Tita Regie she got that name back when we still have our canteen. (fyi: we call elder women like that of my mom's age "Tita", that's how we address elder people, related or not, with respect here, "Tito" for male)She cooks very well, that in a short period of time, she already have regular customers who always look for her cooked meals. Especially her best tasting "Pork Adobo", no one can beat her with that,not even me... Id say mom's a very patient mother, with 7kids? she would have been crazy taking care of her children of different attitudes and moods. Like anyone here, she gets easily nervous about everything, talk a lot or lecture everytime she wants to raise her point, gets mad if provoked, sweet like she'll invite to go to UK (ukay ukay po)and me end up paying up for everything, crazy and wacky, and most of all she's like a friend whom you can talk to.... ok, I smell drama now. STOP.

And so today, we all went out , first time for us to be all together for a dinner, and guess where we went??? ha ha ha ha McDonald's!! hmm it's suppose to be Shakeys or Maxx's, but motherhood insist to go somewhere food are served fast, for she wants us to attend the 7:30pm mass, which I dont wanna do that time,. But she made sure we're all done with our foods at past 7, so we wont be late.. oh well, I dont have a choice, mom and dad dropped us off at the church!! So there, we sit in a row, all of us (her kids), she already attended the morning mass so they just went home.. The mass' homily was great. I saw myself almost in tears. And before the mass ended, there's this catholic group who presented a mothers'day interpretative dance, and a choir of men holding candles at the back. The show's message, and the entire mass's pinch me down to my heart of how special and great mothers are. And I thank mom, she insisted us to attend that mass..

And when we got home, oh a gallon of ice cream's waiting in the fridge!! happy here it's mothers day, hope everyday it is... lol


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