Dave's 38day visa

monday lunchtime, after my morning cooking sessions, Dave and I went to Bureau of Immigration in Manila yesterday for his 38day visa extension, I almost forgot that we should have it done a week before his 21day visa expires, which is this 11th, not too late so.. It was his first time to get one, and so i was like worried about the process, Im so glad it's just another thing that needs patience (of waiting!! and falling in lines).. we got there at past 12, I was surprised seeing long lines and bunch of people applying for visas too, Americans, Koreans, Japanese, Brits... but what really caught my attention is that the immigration's office is too small to accomodate everyone! I even heard a British guy comments "this is insane, we dont have something like this back home".. I couldnt help but agree... it took us 4hours in there, all went well anyway, the staff are friendly & helpful.. something funny is, i almost had a breakdown, the place's too crowded, people talking, some moved from one line to another and there's this officer calling numbers by microphone, noisy & unorganized! I breathe hard and panic almost knocked my heart off.. Dave saw me (teary) and told me to just wait outside and so i did...

another disapointment for the govt, but hey, im so happy, we have a month and a half to share.. that only means more time!!! yehey!!


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