the honeymooners just got back

just got back from two days off of snuggling and smooching, the day he called he-should-be-nice-to-me because it's a special day LOL..the trip was good overall. It could have been a best one if not for some unavoidable instances as far as hotel services is concern. Before I made a reservation, I made sure that A/C and hot water are working and they said "Yes, it works"... but when we got there, hot water would work for a certain time and it's all cold by afternoon, the TV's messed up too--it gets blurry in a while.. There were like only two or three suites including us are occupied, and the rest of the rooms and nipa huts are vacant. Im not assuming, you can tell which are occupied ones with their lights on at their verandas at night.. Im just dissatisfied with the service, it's not worth the money. If not for the overlooking view of Taal Lake/Volcano, we wont be there.. here's one funny incident, we called the room service for two extra towels early morning, and I was surprised that they charged 20bucks each! I never heard of any hotel that charges for that.. well anyway, I told Dave about it and he was like, no way! cancel that!. But i wasnt able to coz i already said so. I thought he called back the RS to cancel it, to my surprise after dinner I got a call from the front desk saying they're waiving us the P40 off because of the delay, and just seconds, there's this roomboy waiting outside for the towels!! :-)

It must be an old hotel that's been running for years, it just needs more improvements, it is still good anyway, ill be back there maybe soon and try their nipa huts..hmm, btw, it's Estancia Resort & Hotel..

Of course, will I forget the famous Colette's Buko Pie and the pineapples on our home?!! Im so glad we spent two days off alone, we never did anything but lay down and but pig out..Oh, i love you baby


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