another stressing wednesday

right at this very second, there's only one thing i really want to do--- sleep!! this is my 3rd week working my ass off at mom's store (technically mine) hmm long story... not whining here, but my back and my right arm hurts, tingly at times.. probably just tensed muscles again, this is what I usually hear from therapists who works on my back (well, i love massage!).. anyway, I pledged to do mom's work which is to cook for the meantime she's not very well yet, her blood pressure went up one time and her right part of the body hurts often since then..but as she talked to a doctor, she advised mom not to work anymore and just do light things, she cant be stressed out nor tired or nervous as well, and a prescribed medicine of everyday intake should be monitored to lower down her cholesterol and uric acid... I felt very sad about it, she cant be sick at 46!! I mean she's too young to have this condition of close-to-60's-people hmp :( but thank God, she's doing great every day, bit hardheaded coz she doesnt cook all morning now, but she makes herself busy doing chores at home...

anyway, mybaby's not here, he went out with my cousins and brother, to look for a breakdrum for my bro's owner jeep...oh, he got himself a stainless custom-built jeep two weeks ago, and been busy about it since then, Im glad he doesnt get that bored anymore, he have something to play with now and something to spent money with!.. since he got that, he's like spending tons of hundreds just to make it look like new, from the interiors to the engine, he could almost replaced everything!! but I must say it looked better now, and as he named it, a chick magnet!! sheeez!

i gotta go, need some nap, sure he'll wake me up when he gets back so.. ciao!


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