March 27th, our first anniversary

just one more sleep, then it'll be my most waited day, our anniversary.. we have come this far, and I myself cant believe it.. that the love I have for him have grew more and more each day, especially now--we're together for two months, though both of us have some differences, have lived and raised in different culture, he came from the other side of the earth, we speak of different tongues, but im happy and proud to say that we bridged it all by understanding...

We decided to book a hotel in Tagaytay, he love that place since the first time he saw it, it's quiet and as for me being a nature-lover, i love it more, from the calming breeze that touches your skin to the friendly people around, and the food!! I can live at Mushroom Burger house (just across the Casino)...I would love to have our lovenest there in the future!

see this?? aint that pretty? this is the perfect view every morning!
Im so glad ill be having a two days off from work too, you know, away from the hurdles of being busy, and what's best is me and my honey are celebrating a blessed year of being together..awwwwww... sounds like ill be getting a massage tonight..hehehehe


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