things im currently busy about

1. My dear fiance and I are holding an engagement party on Nov. 11th, and since im the one who's in the Philippines, im in charge of organizing the party's major details. We already booked a private resort for the venue, my problem now?? invitations... im looking for the best one in the row,im not in the hurry though but we have to send it out first week of October.

2. Preparing for my school this November. I have all the requirements needed for admission, a college entrance is next.. im scheduling it this week! by the way, im goin to take |"Dental Hygiene" course @Perps., a medical university where by sister who's a registered nurse now came from. This is my 2nd course btw.

3. Preparing stuff my fiance and I's requirements for filing my visa. Since I knew how it is done, im in charge with the preparation of the application..hmp! lucky guy you have a sweet girl here... LOL

4. oh,the most important of all.. Im off to a major fat-shedding-diet!! for three reasons one. for the engagement party two. we're going to Boracay baby! hehe, we'll be staying at Nami's, wow, love the place!! gotta show that killer abs hehe three. whoa of course, for my honey's eyes!!!


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