Is Happiness Expensive?

Is Happiness Expensive?

People think that happiness is expensive. If you look at the list
below, they seem to be right!

Buffet lunch at Shangri-La Hotel P800++
Wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes P12,000++
Driving, or being driven, in a 1999 Mercedes Benz P3 million
Lying beside a pool in cool Polo shorts P2,500
Checking the time in a Rolex P300,000
Malling in a Lacoste shirt P3,500
Seeing the glint of a one karat diamond ring (average) P100,000+
Walking in a party in an elegant Armani suit P50,000
Watching a movie in a VCD Player P20,000
Cuddling up in a Marks and Spencers pajamas P2,400
Daubing the scent of Estee Lauder perfume, small P2,000
Traveling in 'business class' instead of 'tourist' (U.S. trip) $2,000

There are people I know who don't think that happiness is expensive.
But what they do is awesomely enriching. For them, happiness means:

Being quiet in prayer for 10 minutes each morning P0.00
Giving a glass of water to the postman and garbage collector P0.00
Laughing with friends P0.00
Calling up my mother and telling her I miss her P0.00
Reading a good book. (Borrow one!) P0.00
Visiting an Elderly Home and listening to the stories of lola P50.00
Taking a quiet walk with a loved one and holding hands P0.00
Choosing to sleep-in until 10:00am one Saturday morning P0.00
Cooking popcorn and holding a songfest with the kids P50.00
Giving roses to a friend (from the market) with an original poem P35.00
and lists goes on and on........

This is just a forwarded email to a yahoogroup im subscribed at..
For me, happiness isnt has to be expensive, like you dont have to spend too much on something. Like anyone else here, im a soft-hearted person, just a text from a friend a day or receiving a call from Dave, it already makes my day. Knowing all the people you love are safe and just doing fine, then im happy. Of course, who doesnt want cool pricey things, everyone wants it, but do we need it?

im happy with simple things, expensive things just make your life complicated.
Im happy with just a thought that there's a special person who loves me with all his heart, just hearing him say he loves me is enough for me to wear that smile all day..


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