Red Roses

good morning everyone, just woke up, did i told you that my hubby's coming 5days from now?!! im goin to see him again after two months and two weeks of being away, i miss him so much..

just got flowers from him today!!i just love those 18 red long-stem roses...those are my favorites it just made my baby's so sweet! i really could not ask for more, he's everything to me..

well, i gotta go, i have to fix my room and make it more spacious for him, since he'll be bringing a lot of stuff when he gets here.. i hope my nose will cooperate, i always end up sneezing after a minute of cleaning!.. im allergic to dust, that's why..

one more, did you missed the Lovapalooza in Baywalk??? you shouldnt!!! wish me and hubby were there! well, we'll have time for that! hehehehehe

Happy valentines everyone!!


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