Jhosvaire Jamz


This are my group of friends back in highschool, we are called Jhosvaire Jamz, with all our names'initials are on it. Comprised of 12 people, but later we became 13, namely; Rangel, Aldo, Archie, Jose, Christian, Richard, Julius, Jemimah, Rachiel, Shiela, Vanessa Joy, Chingbee, and me.. And last July 22nd, we hold our very 1st reunion after 11years!!! I really miss this guys so much. .I get to see some of them before but we never had the chance to organize a reunion since some of them went migrated abroad already, and some are really out of touch. Jemimah lives in California, while Rachiel settled in Australia, Richard's in Korea and Christian's working in Kuwait, see how hard it would be to get them all in one date? But when we learnt that Rachiel's going home to get her kids, she requested to see us. And so, Jhoy and I called and text everyone to block off that July 22nd for the reunion, we even went house to house just to make sure everyone would come. I was so happy to see 8 of them that night, here's some pics I took, while some of them aren't drunk yet ha ha ha ha..

~*Rangel, Julius, Archie*~

~*Chingbee, me, Jhoy*~

~*me, Jhoy, Chingbee*~

~*Rangel & Julius*~

~*me & Shiela*~

~*Chingbee & Ching*~

What a night, I went home at 4am!! Hope we can do this again.. hopefully this coming December, this time with Jemimah and Ching promised to fly back just for that day.. wish I could introduce my honey to them too.. *sigh* I miss him


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