as for the JOB im looking for? hehe im still jobless, even if someone offer me one right now, Im not sure if ill take it, see I only have a month and a half to work, 'cause i have to prepare my school records and enroll by October.. Im goin to take "Dental Hygiene", a two year-course, pre-dental one.. this would be my 2nd course after I took Business Management.Im excited already.. What i am not sure of is that, if this program that i'll enrolling at will be credited once I get to US and practice there, 'cause from what I read online at www.adha.org that they might consider foreign students who studied abroad provided they will evaluate the units/subjects I took and if it doesnt conform with their program, they will advise students to further take additional subjects. They are quite strict with that. Then what if they dont recognize what the program I took here in the Philippines??? that's the problem! I have to take the whole course again there.. which I think would cost 5x the tuition fees here.. poor me.. oh not me.. poor Dave.. yeah, he's the one who's going to send me to school.. love you honey..hehehe.. Im excited to go back to school, but still, I really need to get a part-time job..oh man!

Is anyone here have gone through this situation? you studied here, and practice or work in US?share the experience will ya

oh, my sisters and I just watched AntBully yesterday! It was fun way to bond with my sisses, did I mention to you that I still have a 3year-old sister?yeah, with her age I know you'd say she could be my child..what should you do if you have parents that still practice sex? ewwwww dont want to talk about it..gross huh?... we went to Alabang Town Center (my favorite place), window shopping, movie, and ate out at Gerry's Grill ...

the food was great especially the Pork Sisig..

but hell, the service???? dissatisfied the sisig was served after 15minutes, but the rice??it took them a long 30minutes with just 4cup of rice.. I was really pissed off, waiting is a big deal for me when it comes to food, grrrr especially if im starving already!!! you know what I did? no tip for the waiter...


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