Samantha & Marcus

Sam & Marcus.I just talked to Jackie in messenger, she's my buddy back in college, she's such a sweet simple girl,who got married last 2000 to very fine man Mark,they're based in Las Vegas..and just recently we get to chat a lot and exchange updates, she have two kids, Samantha & Marcus, they're so adorable little angels. I missed Jackie, the last time I saw her was the night before she flew to US, and she was like 7months pregnant to Marcus, since then we exchange snail mails and expensive phone calls;and we lost in touch when they moved to another place..Im glad she's just a buzz away now, what's killing me is the time differences we have, If i want to talk to her I have to be up late, but it's ok,not everynight!I dont want to have my insomnia back so I try sleeping by 2am max.. oh, Marcus is 4 and Sam is 3, they're soooo cute!!! Makes me wish to have a baby now hmmmm hehe I always tell Dave that I want to have ten kids..oh my, I hope we can afford to raise ten! Im just playin, I really just want two, a boy and a girl, can't wait to be a mommy too!! :-) All my friends who are already mothers changed, their views and outlook, everything..or simply call it the joy of parenting.. I know what it's like taking care of kids coz i have a very spoiled or (brat?)3yr old little sister, and I have 20+ (cant remember) of godchildren to top that, but I dont know what is like being a mom, me being one..
Sure I would be a spoiler coz dave's the type that would be a disciplinarian, wish my babies will get their father's blue eyes hehehe, and never their parent's craziness.. oh boy, my kids will be as wild and stubborn as their parent's, that's for


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