my dead for a moment

cool people im still alive!, but my laptop's not, it's dead! wahhhhhhhh of all things, why my life?hu hu hu hu..ok the problem, the monitor's backlight's gone, as in i did everything i have to do, from settings and hp's troubleshoot thing, still, nada! my friend ella, a software engineer, told me to just bring to the nearest hp service center, i think she could help me if my laptop's brand is IBM, her's is. Im going to Makati maybe this week to inquire how much it would costs to repair it or worse, if i have to buy parts.. it's been gone for like 5days already, so thus my life is... i can still use my DSL (that works for a minute, and dead for the rest of the day) and that broken laptop, that is if i use flashlight, the room's light on and there's sunrays coming through my window! LOL, a big joke, but i did that for two days, cant help it,.. im online for like 14hours max/a day!oh YEAH i am.. those were the days... arghhhh, my Sims game too!! my music tripping and pictures editing,.. all gone, well for a moment,.. that, i dont know for how long,, im dead for a moment

oh my David's on Dubai right now, glad he got there safely,..not the praying and worrying doubles as he'll go back to his previous job, and stays there for 4months, and until i get to see him again,.. pretty long days and weeks, but i can do that, i can wait,.. as long as he's safe there, and me here. A lot of robbery's been going on our so-called safe and organized village in the south. My cousin and her friend were one of those victimized, while walking in an open space along the main busy road at 4 in the afternoon, there's three guys who walked with them and declared "holdup!", they took her friend's cellphone and a 7,000 cash in just seconds, with a gun and a pocketknife pointing at you, there's no way to negotiate, it's the cellphone or your life,.. so there, my cuz traumatized and is having sleepless nights.. geeez,, calling police here, act now!


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