and my jobhunting never ends.......

and my jobhunting never ends...

ha, what a journey! I feel like my clock is ticking, i have to get a job within the month or else i would end up at my dad's office again, to which the labor is free wahhhhh... it's been a long month since i posted about me getting a job, look now im still here. Actually im torn of gettin one, for by October ill be going back to college again and earn Dentistry units, im goin to take "Dental Hygiene", a post degree course for two years, I should have thought of going back to school before since i had a lot of time,.. well, it's not too late though, but i wish to do a lot of things aside from studying.
Going back to my jobhunt story, im screwed! I think being a bum for months must have dragged my I.Q big time..would this explain why im being slow lately??lol i think this is what you get from bein a lazy turtle. I just had my job exam yesterday,and just realized i need mind exercises!geeez, i had a hard time on the first part of the exam but later got through with it and finished the five sets of diff exams all smoothly and on time.. but im not expecting if they'll hire me or what. Maybe my resume's already in the trash by I think i should get a sign "HIRE ME" and hang it on my neck so everyone would see, that i need a job badly. Oh crap, my doze of caffeine is kicking in again..

have you seen the latest in Iraq? pls pray for this people


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