if you havent seen the news on CNN, how badly our place was struck by a super typhoon "Milenyo" (Millineum in english). Just on our village alone, you can see fallen trees, toppled electrical posts, garbage everywhere and muddy road.. I swear this is the most strong storm ive experienced, for it took off the half of our garage's roof!! yeah, it all flew away. That freaked me out really.

After that, we lost power (well, the whole Philippines!), and suffered for two days! we lost water supply too.. oh that sucks! mom and I would was clothes, wash dishes in a primitive way hehehe, fun though, but before you do it, you gotta fill up a big drum with water by fetching at our neighbor's. good thing their deep well still works.. Thank God we didnt suffered that much, I heard the next village was flooded waist-high and have lost important appliances, and double the damage to northern part of Luzon .

Right now, we still dont have the water back, and we gotta fall in a long line to this only one water station next block just to get two gallons of water to drink, that that's good for a day consumption..


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