Xmods, the latest craze

My husband has always been a car aficionado, and it's always been his interest. Buying cars is a big thing I know that. But he has this latest addiction, he calls it a hobby, but I call it an expense.lol. He's into XMODS, like crazy. It started from buying one, only because his workmates have this. So we bought one on ebay, my thought was we wasted $50 for that. Okay he's happy with it, so it's ok with me. Then that RC didn't even lasted for 2days, it's broken. So, we bought a new one(the Black Transformer Barricade), at Radioshack. It still runs he said, but I don't see it here at home (maybe it's broken too hehe). And then the next week, he bought a set, like one of everything, it's used though, but it costs him $114, because of people bidding on it too. Here's the mess..

I admit, I play with it too. And it's a little interesting because you can customize or pimp it the way you want to, like you can buy chassis, tires, wheels and batteries etc.

XMODS delivers the ultimate in customizable RC. You can upgrade motors, tires and suspension, and get completely tricked out with hot body kits and graphics from the A-List names in aftermarket parts, including Versus, Sparco, Eibach and Bomex just to to name a few.

Oh well, boys love cars and women loves shopping!


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