I'm bored today, yeah like always. So I wound up washing clothes, and thought of giving my baby bears a bath hihihi ^_^ their daddy's coming home soon! My dearest hubby's coming home for my visa interview, for those who dont know he filed a petition for me to go to US with him. That's the only way we could be together and not apart anymore, and soon he'll quit his job in Iraq (oh finally!) I don't like him there, though his current job is great. He holds a nice position, and not to mention, the big pay! He has the potential of getting a supervisory position in time actually but I dont think he can stay there longer(plus, i wont let him). Like he said, it's like hell being there. So, just happy here that soon we will be together soon.. target time:by November 2007. But first I have to get the visa, and the only way to do that--is pass the interview!!! (that's next month!)

So please pray for me people!! missing him so much is killing me arggggghhh


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