My online Boss(es)

I never thought having an online job could be as fun as well. It's always a continuous learning experience for me. I have a data entry/researcher job at Odesk and as a Virtual Assistant in GAF.

My buyer #1 -- He's an entrepreneur and holds a business website that tackles legitimate business opportunities that you can find online. He hired me straight away from an IM interview(chat). He said I could work on 40hours a week and gave me a 80hours limit! WOW. He's nice, and I can see myself working with him for a long time, as long as he needs my service.

My buyer #2 -- He's a writer/journalist. He's a contributor writer to major newspapers. He's from Berlin. Out of 89 people who applied as VA for him, I guess I'm the lucky one to get picked. Or maybe I did good with his sample research he gave out to each candidates. I work 20hours a week for him, sometimes more, and I get paid weekly too. And I can tell that this is a long-term job.

wahh, proud of my jobs! Not only it is a true learning experience for me, it also helps me in terms of time management and discipline. And it's great, earning $5 an hour is not bad.


Gel See said...

Yup, having jobs at oDesk or other freelancing sites makes you think like there's a whole new world out there :) I actually regret I only found out about oDesk a few months ago.

Tahn said...

Great insight!

billyboxergirl said...

nice i wanna apply too.

qtcotz said...

hey that's great! lucky for u, im not soo mabenta on odesk these days... missed out 2 interview invitations and felt really bad about it. also i really cant commit that much hours on line. good luck and more assignments to come for us odeskers!

stylishmomy said...

Hi sis, nice blog =)
by the way, I just signed up sa Odesk yesterday and I hope I get hired... I offer data entry and VA lang since I dont have an IT degree. Congrats on your 2 successful online jobs =)

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