Long Distance Marriage, are you in too?

Another Tuesday have passed. Another day without hubby with me. He went back to Iraq after a two week R&R, and it's been a month since he flew. Every single day, I miss him terribly. My heart's breaking into pieces everytime I remember him gone, I miss making breakfast for him, and getting his lunch ready for work, I miss washing his dirty clothes, I miss seeing him working on the cars, I miss him playing with our dog. I miss every single thing about him. Wish he could come home sooner for good.

It's just hard. Sad. But we have to deal with it, for sometime...

This kind of situation is never new to us. We have withstand years of long distance relationship back when we were dating, back then it was already hard. But this one is tougher. Don't you wish you're always with the one you love? On January, will be our first year anniversary as husband and wife, I'm glad we would be able to celebrate it together... but that means we'll miss our 2nd Christmas and New Year together.

It's ok, I love him with all my heart. Just missing him.



Yesar Almaleki said...

Well I feel so sorry for you and your hubby to be very a part and I am pretty sure that things will get better some time soon in the coming future , you just have to stay loyal and loving!


Yesar - BSR [IRAQ]

~~VANS~~ said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts. You're working in Iraq too? Hubby will be coming soon, we already set a date for him to be home for good, we just have to wait for that time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your hubby being away, i cant imagine how u are dealing with it, because i cant imagine my husband working in Iraq and away from us. But your husband is a hero working there. We will pray with u for his safety there everyday and we hope that all this war will be done soon and will have peace.i can feel how heart breaking it is for u to be apart again, but stay strong and keep on praying.God always makes miracles.He is the most powerful in everything so stay with Him and He will stay with both of you no matter where u are in the world.Time is fast soon u will be together again.Take care and God bless you.

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