100% ready now

Ok, I just finished packing all my things, put it all in two boxes which Dave has to mail when he gets here this Wednesday. Yeah, he's flying with me. What's left for me to do is wash some shirts I wanted to bring and put it in my luggage bag and wrapped those bags I just got from my aunt today. I got 2 freshly-made native bags, and those are for my soon mother-in-law and sister-in-law *wink*.. I can't believe this is all happening, at once, it was just a wish, wish that Dave and I will be together and not away from each other anymore.. Then it is all here right in front of me, and it's overwhelming. I just can't contain my happiness, too happy and excited here.. mixed with being a little scared and nervous, to add, a little sad because i'm leaving all back here, my family, friends,everything.. Well, this is what you do if you're inlove right?

Anyway, I have to get ready for school now. We will be having our achievement tests today, wish me luck, I just scanned my notes last night.. lol


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