The Bedroom Project

I have decided that yes, I'm going to re-design our bedroom. And I have to finish that and have it ready before my husband gets home. And that will give me 3 weeks wo work on everything. I'm sticking to a blue motif, since we have a light blue painted-wall, and I have purchased a bed duvet sheet set on ebay. It's blue and brown. Then yesterday, since I was in Walmart, I bought queen pillows to go with my pillowcases. Now, I'm working on getting a Siberian goose-down comforter and a 1200 or 1500TC white bedsheet set. I know this is an expensive project, but my husband deserve it, and me too.

I just can't get myself motivated to re-arranged the furnitures inside, and finish this all.. oh well, I think I'll put this up on my things-to-do lists for the weekend. Just feeling lazy.

And top of that, I need to find my passport. Of all the things that I have misplaced, this most important thing is the one I think I lost! grrr, I hope to find to find this or else, this is a big paper work to deal with AGAIN..



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