Interior Designer Wanna be..

Yeah, I'm a frustrated interior designer wanna-be. That was my first choice of career that I want to pursue when I graduated from highschool. I love decorating my bed and even envisioned improving my parent's house. And now that I'm married, I have my space to play with. Before we moved in this house, my husband spent a lot of money on renovation, like what you call, home improvement. He was in Iraq and I was in Philippines when this house underwent renovation. My inlaw was the one in-charge with everything, and she did a great job. The shopping is the fun part here, but if you don't know where the cheap stuff are, then you'd end up spending too much on something. If you don't know where to go, then google is your friend, you could easily find the best deals if you're up to online shopping. Things like house paints, tools you need, and supplies and projects accessories, you can easily find better deals and bargains if you know the stores to get it from. Nothing beats a wise shopper you know, take it from me, I'm an online shopper too!


**Billyboxergirl said...

thanks for visiting tumawa k kabayan site...

even though entrecard doesnt allowed it na mgkaroon ng account kasi nga non-english daw...asar nga eh..

tnx sis...more

Michelle (hometc) said...

Shopping online gives you an advantage to find
home decor
that you wouldn't otherwise have access to or be able to find where you live.

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