Letting someone go..

I had a long day yesterday, not to mention, a very emotional one. My inlaw and I went to our favorite stores, mailed boxes at the post office, went to visit and had lunch at her new friend's house, had our groceries done.. It was a busy day, a long one for me, I don't even have the time to finish my online job.

What happened? On our way home, we decided to take the dirt road. As we pass by, we saw a grown hound dog, sick, skin-and-bone kind. Mom stopped the truck, and can't help to see herself leaving the dog. I admit I was having second thoughts because it's a stray dog and who knows he might bite or attack us. But when I saw him and his gloomy sad eyes closely, my heart sank. I hate the people who just dumped him there. He's so weak that he can't even jump up the truck, so mom had to carry him. When we got home, we fed him and gave him water. He is so thirsty. After he ate, he turned to a happy boy, I;m sure I saw his face lightened a bit, and he wags his tail, like saying thank you.

Mom said she heard that people dump dogs and puppies there, mean people who don't know what to do with them. This is the 4th time she saw a dog. One time he picked up a Jack Russell puppy scared and lost. She took care of him, and find him a home. She wants to keep him, but she knows she can't afford to. Keeping a dog is just as expensive as having a baby here, as they say. I wish I could keep the hound dog too, but I just can't. Earlier this morning, we drove to the the county's animal shelter and turned him over. I know someone will take care of him.

I am hearbroken. I'm sad for him. I know we did the right thing, give him to right place. Wherever he will be, I know he will be fine. My inlaw and I were crying when we left the shelter.

I don't know who's to blame here, but one thing I know, I hate those people who doesn't have a heart and did that thing. *sigh*


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