Bitch Stole My Fish

I just want to share you this picture that my brother sent me as a comment on my friendster. This is so funny! If you cant even smile on this one, then you have a problem! haha

Anyway, it's been a while since I posted something AGAIN! June have past without a word on this blog, poor me. My husband leaving have made so sad that I cant do things in a happy motivated mode, feels like my life has no excitement at all, boring solitary life.. not for a long time, oh Im so glad! We're counting the weeks almost everyday until he gets back on September. So theen, I'll be a happy girl again. He's working in Camp Bucca, and according to him it's a hell on earth kind-of place. Im glad he already have his own room to sleep with A/C. Before he's sleeping on a tent with 10 people, yeah no privacy at all. It sucks. I feel bad just thinking about it. Food is not good, he cant sleep good, what's worse, you have to walk out if you need a bathroom break. Yeah, shower room/toilet is a walk away.
Wish he'd just go home and work here instead. But like we agreed on, this is what he needs to do,for a little while and everything will be alright. I love my husband, Im so proud of him. Gosh, miss him soooo bad!


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