The answer to my cravings..

Bought some stuff that will make me happpy for the rest of the week..

Arroz CaldO (rice porridge) - Sine I can't make my own..thanks for ready mixes out there!
Mango candies - I thought they were dried mangoes, oh well this will work, at least it's mangoes
Salted Duck eggs (itlog na pula!) - if paired with chopped tomatoes and rice, oh wow, ulam na ulam!
Dried Squid - I've been craving for this one for like months already! $6 for 6 oz. of it!! mahal... a crunchy fried dried squid will make my day for sure.

I got those, where else? at the Filipino store! Went there this afternoon to mail a balikbayan box to my family at 'Pinas, paid $100 for it. And since Im there already, I shopped quickly for something to eat, snacks that Walmart doesn't have or anywhere, but here. I'm so happy the box is gone. Glad my inlaw's here to help me with all this chaos.. lol



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