Rabbit Meat for a Gourmet Meal??

I would say I have an adventurous palette, I could be a vegetarian or a carnivorous on one hand. But eating Rabbit Meat for a meal? NO way. I love watching Food Network's Iron Chef America. Hubby and I always watch it, well any show about food we do watch it..does it show how much we like food huh? Well, I always get to see this episode, featuring rabbit meat as their secret ingredient, everytime. I think I have seen this for like 5x already! I'm getting sick of it.

IMO, a rabbit will always be a pet, not a delicacy, or a meat that you can eat. It's just awful to see them cooking it, Urghhh! I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid, and I love them so much. I can't eat this. I asked my husband if he do and he said why not, he eats it. Dang!! what's wrong with him?? lol I guess being vegetarian is the way to go.

Do you eat rabbit meat? oh please say no..


Anonymous said...

Rabbit meat is tasty, healthy, and easier on the environment than most other meats.

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