Pedicure, the US style

After a week of working to the bone, finally I had the time to pay myself off with the hard work I did. The price? a day at the Nail Salon!! Got myself a nice pedicure. My mother-in-law and I decided today, we'll get one. For the record,this would be only my 2nd time to have it since I got here 8 months ago. First would be the day I got married last January, where my hubby paid $50 for a mani-pedicure package. Yeah, kinda pricey. Well, today's experience is great. The salon had undergone a little renovation, and one noticeable change are those big automated massage chairs, that I love!! You could choose whether you like a soft or hard massage, speed and stroke. I had fun. I thought maybe I could buy one of this chair in the future, so I asked my nail tech, how much this masseuse-chair costs. Wow, a whooping $5,000!! I could buy a good second hand car from that.. oh well

Paid $23 for pedicure, $7 for getting my eyebrow waxed, and $6 tip (don't forget). What a pleasurable, a little pricey pampering day..


Jean Marie said...

you deserve the pampering after a hard day's work, sis. Kinda pricey lang nga compare here sa pinas.

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