Pimp that Bedroom!

So, I have decided to turn my bedroom into a master suite, and make it complete before hubby gets home on September. And I found a perfect bed set for the queen bed on ebay. Hubby loves blue and I'm so into earth color, so this pieces is really perfect for us. I'm watching this one and planning to bid on the last minute. I love this set and I have to get it!!

I need HELP. Please help me decorate our bedroom. It has light blue wall and ceiling paint, and beige carpet. I'll post pictures soon, I'm still in the middle of re-organizing everthing. Right now, I need websites where I could find ideas for color mix and matching, stuff to accentuate the bed etc. I just want it to look cozy and inviting, relaxing and the best room in the house..


Anonymous said...

if you need a help for a interior designing or anything else do it your self projects just watch hgtv or go to their website. they are the best in designing and it was interesting will make u motivated to make some projects.check it out. i always watch that, one of my favorite channel. gosh hope i read your blog before your hubby arrive. i know it's late now but u can always surprise him with anything else and u can get a lot of ideas there.promise..hehe...ngayon ko lang kasi nalaman na may blog ka pala kung di pa ako nagpost sa lovely pinayz di ko pa alam.Hope it will help u. God bless! - Jaro

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