It's my BEERDAY :-)

And so I got some coffee mugs for free yesterday! It was NAVYFED's annniversary, 75th or 76th, can't remember. We went there to signed some papers and the lady who assisted us was so accomodating. Honey said they have the best deal as to checking and savings account so far compare to banks, and as I can see it, they offer reasonable interest rates for different kind of loans. I could have open my own checking account but I forgot what's my social security then, I think we'll just wait after the wedding, so we don't have to go back there and change my last name.

Oh, it's the 18th today.. it's my birthday! *yay* I'm getting older now, and that makes me an older woman to Dave by 38 days. And he always jokes about him marrying an old woman on the 27th. I thought it's not a big deal, and when I realized that our ages will be on the marriage contract, oh well, oh yeah it is for me now! haha

I have some wish list; aside from good health, more love, an english bulldog this year, more money so we could go back to Philippines next year and most of joy-filled married life. For material things (of course!) click on the right, it's all in there :-)


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