Thrift store tour

Fond of ukay-ukay shopping?? it's a.k.a. thrift store shopping here. The difference is that stores here have variety of things to sell, from clothes, to toys, furnitures, home decors, books, and even fitness equipments! all at a very low price and sometimes they're branded! in Phils., they only sell shoes, clothes, and toys.. here, it's even way cheaper than you could think of. Today, I had my playtime with mom-in-law at Helping Hands thrift store, clothes are on sale, for only $0.50!! yeah fifty cents. With $20 in my hand, oh I took all what I could put in my cart, and here's what I bought:

Victoria secret sleeping top
Ralph Lauren green long sleeves
L.L. Bean collar shirt
GAPs and Old Navys shorts and mini-skirts
Tommy Hilfiger's pink long sleeves
Nike basketball short
Esprit white tennis shoes
Bratz and barbie dolls (w/o clothes)
Aeropostale cotton shirt
Mudd gray 3/4 sleeve

nice huh?


cathness said...

is that all mine?

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