Got Marriage License

We just applied for a marriage license today! It was quicker than I thought, we only spent 10mins at the Register of Deeds and that's it, we have a paper saying we can marry within 60days. And the wedding date is set to the 27th, yeah 11days to go and im changing my last name to his. Im so excited, thrilled with the preparations. It's a simple wedding with few people invited, and that's the way I wanted to be. I have met some of people that is like a family to him, and everyone's great and fun to talk to.

Change topic. Have you heard of the Onslow county marine murder case? that was so horrible and disgusting, a heartbreaking case. I hate to talk about it but it is really something to let everyone know. I live at Onslow County, and Camp Lejuene is just 20miles away from here. Latest news update can be found at WITN. The suspect marine is still at large and reward is at stake of who could tip where he is right now.


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